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Dr. Duyilemi A. Felix Speaking on Parallel Thinking at Oando in Kaduna, Nigeria
Dr. Duyilemi A. Felix
Dr. Duyilemi Akindele Felix, speaking to management and staff of Firstbank Plc, on Effective communication

Few years ago, if anybody had told him that one day he would become a man of influence that he has become today, he would have doubted it. Why? Because, life was indeed tough growing up. He has had his own share of life's challenges. There were times he couldn't see how things would ever turn around. However, today, his life has taken a new turn! Things have changed quite remarkably. He lives his life now has an exclamation not as an explanation! He has got laid hold of some fundamental principles of life that has changed his life. His name is Dr. Duyilemi Akindele Felix.

He's the CEO of "Tremendous Life and Biz Consulting", Author, International Inspirational Speaker and pastor of "Christ Classic International Ministries." He has authored a number of inspirational books that have tremendously blessed and radically transformed many lives around the world. His books include, among others, "Your Importance To Your Generation" "Pick Up Your Brok

en Dreams" "The Island of Temptation" "Wake Up Your Destiny: Embracing Your Personal Greatness" "It's In You" and "Wisdom for Singles".

He's a sought after speaker in international conferences, seminars, corporate organizations, Schools and Churches. He's the host of daily Radio Program on Impact Business Radio tagged "Life Without Limits" .And he has earned degrees in Education, Science, Psychology and Theology - despite the fact that he started with little or no advantages in life. This can happen to anybody.

He believes very strongly that anybody in life can alter his life trajectory through ideas and principles that work. Nobody should accept adverse circumstances of life as permanent. Nothing is impossible to anyone who believes. Today, he helps people from all walks of life find out how to live extra-ordinary life through his books, media, seminars and blog.

Dr. Duyilemi A. Felix believes that many people have great potential in them to do extra-ordinary things in life, however, many will end up not becoming all they can be. Sad.

Why? Because of Mis-information, fear and self-doubt.

That is why he provides "Online Coaching opportunity" to help people like YOU harness their potential and become all they can be within the shortest possible time. Find out MORE

Training Bankers on Effective Communication

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Dr. Duyilemi A. Felix addressing the nation on Galaxy Tv

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You are a great motivator like Les Brown

Emy Palencia, Japan.

"I am always so encouraged and inspired by your writing. You do amazing work. We need more people like you."

Zasha Hall, Hawaii, USA.

"I encourage everybody to tap into his wisdom."

Emeritus Professor Muyiwa Awe ,Late Emeritus Professor of Physics,

University of Ibadan, Nigera.

"You are a true inspiration."

Ledi Nkhatho, South Africa.

Teaching on Lateral Thinking at Ovh Energy, Kaduna
With the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and the Pioneering Lecturers of Dominion University, Ibadan
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