The Positive Power of Believing In Yourself.

Posted by admin on  March 4, 2021

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“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” Thomas A. Edison.   What have they called you?   ·Albert Einstein  was called a good for nothing boy. ·Les Brown was tagged mentally retarded. ·Walt Disney was judged to lack creativity ·Thomas Edison was called a dunce ·Winston Churchill was told he would never amount to anything. ·Billy Graham was told nobody would ever hear of his name.
If you are here you want to know whether Piggyvest is Legit or Scam. This review should clear your doubts.     One of the success habits you need to build is a savings culture. Making money is not as important as your ability to retain and multiply what you earned.     If you want to start a business is important you have start-up capital. And how do you get this start-up? You could

February Business Success Tips

Posted by admin on  February 1, 2021

  1. Results do not come just by working in your business alone, results come by working outside your business: your customers. Always think about how do we get new customers/clients= lead magnetization, and how do we maximize the values of our existing clients= upsell. 2. Results do not come by solving your problems alone, results come by exploring your new opportunities. If you want your business to merely survive, concentrate on solving problems, if

Surviving Betrayal: A New Book by Dr. Albert Oduwole

Posted by admin on  December 31, 2020

About two years ago, I had a special privilege to interview a renowned Pastor, Inspirational Coach, Author and Business Consultant: Dr. Albert Femi Oduwole.  In that interview, the upwardly mobile Founding Pastor of Triumphant Assembly, revealed secrets of success in life and ministry. I was excited to hear of his latest book: Surviving Betrayal. Curious, I decided to reach out to him on the motivation behind this rare, but powerful title. The result was  this

2 thoughts on “The Positive Power of Believing In Yourself.”

  1. People don't believe in themselves because they don't see any
    thing special or outstanding in themselves

  2. A good number of people don't believe in themselves because they
    have given so much credit to naysayers and low lifers. As a result, they
    become too weak to tap into their God given potentials and talents. They
    become satisfied with the ordinary version of who they are…there is so
    much more to every single individual God made. It's our
    responsibility to find out our Veritable MORE! Thank you Dr Felix for
    your brilliant expositions.

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