Felix DUYILEMI: #1 Greatness Coach In the World

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I will help YOU bring OUT the GREATNESS in YOU and in YOUR Organization…


The difference between what I do and what others do is: I help you UNCOVER, POLISH and RELEASE the GREATNESS already in YOU.

While others say look AROUND, I say, look WITHIN…and show exactly how to do it

I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe in “divine-cidence.” In other words, you are not meeting me by accident; it’s by design. 

Now that you are here. Let me quickly introduce myself.

I am Felix Duyilemi. I  help people expand their concepts of possibilities, craft empowering stories, and create new realities.

As #1 Greatness Coach in the World, my corporate mandate Is to help people and organizations reveal their inherent GREATNESS. This is why a lot of people have nicknamed me after my popular book, It’s In You”

I founded the University of Success because Schools don’t teach us “How to Succeed.”  There is no faculty of success in any University in the World.

As #1 Amazon best-selling Author of “How To Borrow God’s Brain To Succeed I write books packed with extraordinary ideas to provide extraordinary values for my readers.

I know you are not here  just to read about me, you want to unleash your own GREATNESS. I can help you.

Online courses

Find top notch online courses on Success, Vision, Greatness, Leadership and sales. Learn More HERE


I provide extraordinary values for organizations and individuals who want to BREAK their supposed LIMITS…Multiply their productivity, and Empower their employees with LESS effort, time & Money.

For booking, please send a mail to: think@duyilemifelix.com.ng or call: +2348037516476


Book a 30 minutes Free Consultation on Vision Clarification Exercise  by calling: +2348037516476, or send a mail to: info@duyilemifelix.com.ng

Customer Reviews

“I am always so encouraged and inspired by your work. You do amazing work. We need more people like you.

Zasha Hall, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Ledi Nkhatho, South Africa

"You are my true inspiration"

Tracy edmond, Chester, Virginia, USA

I am so blessed to have met you. Your book is a blessing to me.

Emy Palancia, Japan

"You are a great inspiration like Les Brown"


"Thank you for your uplifting messages. I need the supportive assistance of people like you"

Vicky aquino cabacungan, Philippines

You help people better their lives. I am glad, really really glad that I met a friend like you."