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University of Success: Your #1 Inspirational and Motivational Website on the Internet

Welcome to the University of Success! Your easy go-to #1 Inspirational and Motivational Website on the internet.


Do you want to be Successful?


It’s Ok to DESIRE to be successful.


In fact, you are wired to succeed! In my book, "It's In You"  I made it clear that you were born to do one thing: to succeed!


Whether you want to become a successful Author, Entrepreneur, SPEAKER, Pilot or Anything, you can.


But to succeed, you need to train your brain to think in terms of success. 


And this where affirmations are very important. Many people have failure -proned conversation going on in their brains. Majority of people talk themselves out of success because of negative conversation in their subconscious minds. 


To succeed, you need to replace the negative programming in your brain to positive programming by repeating high-impact, success -induced words. 

By repeating these affirmations, your brain establishes a new neural pathway and form new engrams that will help you identify opportunities to succeed. 

Make these statements/affirmations preferably when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed.

1. I can succeed. I will succeed. I am a success! 


2. I deserve to be successful!


3. Everything I touch prosper!


 4. I move from one level of success to another level seamlessly! 


5. Success is my signature. Everything I do turns  out well.


 6. My business and other interest succeed and prosper!


 7. I believe in my ability to succeed. I trust in God's unlimited ability at work in me! 


8. I doubt my doubts and fire my fears! 


9. I go for gold I never settle down for less! 


10. Miracles are normal daily occurrence in my life!


 11. I’m a blessing to every man that comes my way, every man that comes my way is a blessing to me! 


12. I make the right move every time! 


13. I attract successful people easily! 


14. Life is phenomenal! I am having my best time now! 


15. I deserve the best. I attract the best. The best is attracted to me now!


 16. Success is in my DNA!


 17. I find easy solutions to complex problems.


 18. I am irresistible! People find me attractive!


 19. I always look forward to a better day! 


20. I am happy! I am rich! I am healthy! I am fabulous! 


Make these affirmations daily, and your life will move from Ok to Wow!!!

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