The Magic of Getting Rich

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Your easy formula to getting rich is here!

What will your life look like without constant financial worries?

This book owes the answers. Read on…

The Magic of Getting Rich

Look at the universe around you, does it suggest scarcity or lack?

No! You are surrounded with riches and abundance.

Poverty is unnecessary. It’s just an application of energy in the wrong direction.

You can start getting rich today! I promise.

This book is the cure for your “lean purse.” Yes, I will show you reasons why many people are poor, and how to get out of poverty fast!

You will learn from this book:

    • Mindsets that are creating your poverty and lack
    • Why you need to start a new relationship with money
    • How to speak money language
    • How to train your brain to start attracting money instantly

° The fundamentals of getting rich 

° And, more

Your abundance is right here. Let this book be your connector.

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What Readers Are Saying:

“I am always so encouraged and inspired by your writing. You do amazing work. We need more people like you.”

Zasha Hall

Honolulu, Hawaii.

“Your book “IT’s In You” had me thinking—thanks for the book. I was meant to read it.”

Marcelle Lofton

Philadelphia, USA

“I am so blessed to have met you. Your book is truly a blessing.”

Tracy Edmond

Chester, Virginia..

You are a great inspiration like Les Brown.”

Emy Palencia


“You are my true inspiration”

Ledi Nkhatho

South Africa.

“I like your words, they are so inspiring.”

Sharon Babcock

Rolla, Missouri.

“Thank you for your uplifting messages. I need the supportive assistance of people like you.”

Kaye Fleming.

Naples, Florida.

“You are a great inspiration to our world.”

Patricia Ann Breeding

Texas, USA

Let this book open up the world of abundance in you!

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