Mar 4, 2021
The Positive Power of Believing In Yourself.

Felix Duyilemi

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

Thomas A. Edison.


What have they called you?


·Albert Einstein  was called a good for nothing boy.

·Les Brown was tagged mentally retarded.

·Walt Disney was judged to lack creativity

·Thomas Edison was called a dunce

·Winston Churchill was told he would never amount to anything.

·Billy Graham was told nobody would ever hear of his name.



However, these people succeeded against the predictions of the negative thinking experts. When nobody believed in them, they believed in themselves.


When Steve Harvey was in Junior School, his teacher asked them to write what they would like to become in the future, Steve wrote down that he would like to be on TV.


Instead of encouraging him, his teacher was furious and told him to write something “More realistic.”


Today, Steve Harvey is a premier Comedian, best-selling author and the host of the Steve Harvey Show. If that teacher is still alive today, he might as well bite his tongue each time he tunes his TV set and sees Steve Harvey Live!


He doesn’t matter what anybody have told you or written about you, the only person that can stop you is you. Don’t trade your future away based on the experiences of your past. The truth is nobody can really see your potential until you start using it.


I saw a friend recently – we both graduated from the same University- while talking, he mentioned that he has heard a lot about my books and that he’s been really inspired by my life. I thanked him.


“You see” he said, “While in School, I never really thought much about you- to me you are just like any other ordinary student- until I read one of your books and that changed my perception of you”


The truth is this guy had a wrong perception of me. He didn’t think much of me because he hasn’t seen all of me.


He has only interacted with the “ordinary” part of me so he thought I wasn’t beyond ordinary.


Maybe, your friends, family, or spouse haven’t thought much about you because they have only seen the ‘ordinary’ part of you, it’s time you showed them that there is more to you than what they have seen or known.



You have a great potential to achieve extra-ordinary things in life, if only you believe in yourself.


Take for instance your brain is made of billions and billions of intricate and complex network of neurons and synapses with unlimited capacity to accomplish amazing feat- if only you will put it to task.


Right now, you have an unlimited potential to become a best-selling Author, accomplished Musician, Consummate Entrepreneur, 6-figure public Speaker, Extra-ordinary clergyman, global scientist, international diplomat and so on.


You are simply un-limited. Believe it.

 When you start believing in yourself a whole new world will open to you.

You will draw on your innate potentials that have been buried in the grave of your low self-esteem, insecurity, and fear.


People, resources, and situations will rise up to welcome your new personality. You will welcome challenges like a champion and deal with them with confidence inspired by the awareness of your unlimited potential.


Only you can limit how far you go in life.


  Maybe it’s true you might have grown up with fragile or weak self-esteem based on your childhood experiences.


Maybe you have parents who talked you down or failed to nurture your self-esteem.


Your High School Teacher might have called you names because you failed a simple arithmetic. Or maybe you have certain disability that didn’t make you popular with girls or boys- all this could have negatively impacted your self-esteem.


However, as true as these facts may appear, nothing can damage you permanently if you don’t surrender to it.


There is this mistake many of us make and this is it: the belief that other people are better than us. We tend to have more confidence in others than we have in ourselves.


The truth is nobody is better than you. That doesn’t make you to become arrogant or cocky. You don’t need to be intimated by other people abilities. You have yours.


Maybe you can’t paint like Michelangelo, or write like Shakespeare but there is something that only you can do very well.


You are simply unique and original.


Nobody can do what you have been wired for better than you. That is why you need to have confidence in your own ability. You need to start believing in yourself.


I want you today to write boldly on a sheet of paper now: I BELIEVE IN MYSELF. I CAN DO IT. I HAVE ABILITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! SUCCESS IS IN MY DNA!


Let’s talk: Why do you think many people don’t believe in themselves? Please, leave your thought. Thank you.




Duyilemi A. Felix loves learning, reading and writing. He focuses his energy on learning important life principles and he teaches what he learns through books, seminars, media, churches and in corporate organizations. Reach him via [email protected].

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May 31, 2020

10 Principles of A High Flying Achiever

Anyone wants to be an achiever. Desire to be great is inborn in all of us. If you are reading this now, my instinct tells me that you desire to live beyond ordinary. I am pleased to tell you that your desire is noble and honorable. But desire alone is not enough. A story is told about a young man with a tremendous passion to be an achiever in life. He wanted to make his mark. So he decided to visit a man who the whole community recognized as a genius-a man with a wealth of experiences.

“What brings you to me?” the elderly man asked

“I want to become successful; I desire to be an achiever” Replied the young man

The old man smile and said, “That is very simple, all you need to do is to find out what successful people do, and replicate in your own life”

My assignment in this article is to help you organize a set of principles of high flying achievers; your assignment is to replicate it in your life.  The principles are as follows:

1. Know what you want.

This is the simplest but most powerful of all principles of high flying achievers, knowing what you want in life. You can’t go south travelling through North. You must be able to specify what you really want to do, be and have in life. Your vision is your picture of your future. Remember if you don’t have dreams, there will be no dreams to fulfill. James Allen strongly advised:

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your Ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.”

2. Know what you don’t Want.

Just as important as stating what you want out of life, you must be able to also know what you don’t want in life. Why? Because, life has no predetermined value on you except the once you either consciously or unconsciously place on yourself. You should be able to state what YOU WILL NOT ACCEPT IN LIFE NO MATTER THE CONDITION.

Jessie B. Rittenhouse writes:

“I bargained with Life for a penny, And Life would pay no more, however I begged at evening when I counted my scanty store.

“For Life is a just employer; He gives you what you ask, but once you have set the wages, why, you must bear the task.

“I worked for a menial’s hire, only to learn, dismayed, that any wage I had asked of Life, Life would have paid.”

3. Make Your Passion Your Work.

Job becomes fun when you are working on what you have passion for. Look around you the people who are truly fulfilled in life are people who have made their passion their job. Zig Ziglar Coaches, John.C Maxwell trains, Anthony Robbins motivates, Shakespeare writes, Messi plays football, Tiger wood plays golf…Success becomes fun when passion romances with work. When you find your passion, you won’t look for job.

4. Set Goals with  Deadline.

Goals determine how far you go. Human beings are goal seeking organism. We are built to function at our best when we have goals we are pursuing.  It is not good enough to say I want to become successful. In what? Where? When? Goals are not goals without a deadline.  It’s been said that “success is goals, and all else is commentary.”

5. Think Big.

What a man can conceive, he can achieve. So don’t place a limit on whom or what you can be by your thoughts. The limit to what you can achieve in life is limitless. So don’t play it small. Let your imagination roam wild. Let your imagination take you around the world. “Remember that the only limit to your capabilities is the one you place upon them. There is no law of limitation” Said Robert Collier.

6. Talk Big.

Your mouth rules your world. Whatever that is not bigger than your mouth is not bigger than your life. Words are capital. Start talking big; talk your way to stardom. People will gauge you by the strength of your words. I am not saying you should be proud or arrogant, the point I am making is to make your words consistent with the future you desire. E. W Kenyon noted: Your life rises or falls to the level of your confession.

7. Act Big

It is not enough to think or talk big; you must also begin to act big. Let your action be consistent with the picture of the future you have seen about yourself. For instance if you intend to become the President of your Country, start talking and acting like a President. If you intend to become a billionaire, start acting like one. Remember one of the ancient principles of success is “be-ing should precedes do-ing’. From today, irrespective of what you are, how you look, where you are coming from, starting acting your future not your past.

8. Welcome Feedback.

Feedback is a response that put us on the line in our journey to greatness. High achievers solicit for feedback,  honour and respect it. Don’t fight feedback; be humble so you don’t stumble.

9. Respect Your Words.

That is another way of defining integrity. Honesty is still the best policy. Make your words your boundary. Honour agreements. Be known as a straight forward person. Respect commitment. Remember the words of Marcus Antonius, “ Truth is always strong, no matter how weak it looks and falsehood is always weak no matter how strong it looks.”

10. Build Your Life around God.

It’s only a fool who thinks he doesn’t need the assistance of God, don’t be one. Let God help you. There is a reference in the Bible that states “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path” God is the highest achiever, it’s wisdom if you make Him your intimate friend!

I hope these principles help you become a high flying achiever in your generation.


About The Author

Dr. Duyilemi Akindele Felix is a renowned  writer and International Inspirational Speaker. He is a popularly sought after Speaker in Corporate Organizations, Schools, Seminars and Churches. He has written a number of inspirational books including “It’s In You” “Pick Up Your Broken dreams” “Wake Up Your Destiny” and others.


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May 21, 2020
Why Do Extra-ordinary People Live An Ordinary Life?

Why Do Extraordinary People Live Ordinary Life?

I woke up one day thinking about this, “why do extra-ordinary people live an ordinary live?” This question really bothered me. Why do we live below our true potentials? Why do we settle for good enough when we are capable of inspirational living? Why?


These questions descended through the recess of my mind like the Niagara fall. I wanted answer to this major issue. I want to help as many as I can. I believe we are all created by God to live life at its best. We are created to be extra-ordinary. I am convinced of this.


Nobody should live a colourless, purposeless and powerless life. If we know God’s original plans for our lives we will literarily astound ourselves.


I have been a student of personal greatness for more than 17years. I have studied and analyzed several lives. When I see people who have made great differences with their lives, I ask why? When I see people whom seem to be victim in life, I equally ask why? I believe that both success and failure leave clues.



A story is told of a young man who dreamed of playing professional football. In high School he was a star player and won several awards. In his small town, all the children looked up to him, and wanted to be like him.


But most coaches thought he was too small to play in college. All the major Universities turned him down. He was discouraged. He quit playing football, and took a job at a Pizza restaurant.


One night he was delivering pizzas and a ten-year-old boy answered the door. The boy couldn’t believe what he saw. He was star struck. This was the man he was dreaming he would one day become. The boy’s father walked up and the young man gave the father the pizza. The little boy was confused. He looked up at his father and looked at the young man and said, “What are you doing delivering pizzas?”


Those words from the boy lit a fresh fire on the inside of this young man. ‘What am I doing delivering pizzas?’ He asked himself. That summer he trained harder and became bigger, stronger, quicker, and faster.


That fall, he tried another major University and was accepted. He made the team and worked hard until he became a star player. This young man eventually became a star in the NFL living out his dream.


But he said, “It would have never happened if the ten-year-old boy hadn’t asked me, ‘What are you doing selling pizzas?’





It’s my interest in this article to light the fire in you to go for extra-ordinary life you were born to live. Here are my few suggestions:

1.Find Your Purpose.

A fish is programmed to swim.

A bird is programmed to fly.

You are programmed for a purpose.

You may not be good at everything but you are good at something. God created you for something specific. You are customized and wired with peculiarity to solve a particular problem in life. You are SPECIAL. You are UNIQUE. You are DIFFERENT. You are not supposed to go everywhere, you are not supposed to do everything, you are supposed to do SOMETHING you are really really, really designed for.

Find out your calling. Locate your assignment in life and give the world a piece of your good news (to learn more about this, please  order for my great book titled “Wake Up Your Destiny: embracing your personal greatness”)

2.Don’t Allow Fear To Rule your life.

This man laments at the end of his life. This is how he summed up the journey of his life.

Hear him:

“I could have won, if not that I was afraid to try” is a common story.


God knows fear does no good, and in 365 places for 365 days He tells you, “fear not”


“I could have done it at 20, fear told me I was too young, and people wouldn’t take me serious because of my age”


“I waited till I was 30, fear told me I didn’t have enough experience to start”

So I waited.


” At 40 I thought I have had enough experience, fear told me, I shouldn’t try it because I might fail and showed me a lot of people who have tried it and “It didn’t work”


” I brace up at 60, fear told me I am nearing the retirement age, I should wait” So I waited.


“I became determined at 70, fear told me now you are too old, the work is meant for younger people”


“Now at 90, I realize I could DO IT, but the doctor had warned me not to go out”


“How silly I was to listen to fear all along.”

Fear magnifies problem.

It overestimates cost.

 It predicts failures.

 It visualizes troubles.

It envisions obstacles.

Never allow it to rule your life!

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3.Get Rid of Excuses.

Are you familiar with the following?

·It will never work in your country.

·You are too young.

·You are too old.

·You are too tall.

·You are too short.

·You are not educated enough.

·You are too educated.

·The time is not right.

·It’s too early.

·It’s too late.

·You don’t have the skills.

·It might fail.

Leave these excuses follow your dreams.

Look around you, how many roads, how many houses have excuses built?

How many awards have excuses won?

How many lives have excuses touched?

How many books have excuses written?

How many songs have excuses sung?

How many jobs have excuses created?

No monuments have been erected for excuses.

Excuses only have the reputation of being the maintenance of paralysis.

People who fail find excuses; people who succeed find reason to.

There are always thousands of excuses not to do what you need to do, none of them is good.

Good excuses are bad habits. Quit them.

Take charge of your future, get rid of excuses.


4.Stand Up And Show Up!

You have amazing potential in you. Stop observing life, start impacting lives. There is something you can do. Do it. Stop analyzing your dream, start actualizing it. Simply believe it. Tell the world, I have something to offer! Stop being a consumer, start being a producer. Today, I have written and published five great books. When people asked me “How did you become a published author” I simply responded “I just stood up and showed up!” I knew I wasn’t meant to read books by other authors all my life. I knew I too have something that is worth reading. I have a message to pass across to my world. So in 2007, without much knowledge about publishing, I published my first book “Your Importance to Your Generation” Today, many lives around the world have been tremendously blessed by my books. You too have got something in you, just wake up, the world is waiting!


Years ago Appleton penned this immortal statement:

“I knew his face the moment that he passed

Triumphant in the thoughtless, cruel throng—

I gently touched his arm—he smiled at me—

He was the Man that Once I Meant to Be!

“Where I had failed, he’d won from life, Success;

Where I had stumbled, with sure feet he stood;

Alike—yet unalike—we faced the world,

And through the stress he found that life was good.

And I? The bitter wormwood in the glass,

The shadowed way along which failures pass!

Yet as I saw him thus, joy came to me—

He was the Man that Once I Meant to Be!

“We did not speak. But in his sapient eyes

I saw the spirit that had urged him on,

The courage that had held him through the fight

Had once been mine. I thought, ‘Can it be gone?’

He felt that unasked question—felt it so

His pale lips formed the one-word answer, ‘No!’

“Too late to win? No! Not too late for me—





About the Author

Dr. Duyilemi Akindele Felix is a renowned  writer and International Inspirational Speaker. He is a popularly sought after Speaker in Corporate Organizations, Schools, Seminars and Churches. He has written a number of inspirational books including “It’s In You” “Pick Up Your Broken dreams” “Wake Up Your Destiny” and others. He spends his time reading, writing and speaking. Reach him on [email protected]

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Aug 1, 2016
Knocked down 7times,Rise Up 8times!

Never allow a ‘knocked down’ to become a knock-out!

Don’t allow a setback to turn to a pack up, don’t turn a comma to a full stop, refuse to allow refusals, rejections or denials as your fate.

Whatever, keep going.

Winners don’t quit, quitters don’t win.

King Solomon observes; ‘A righteous man falls seven times, seven times, he rises again’ I perceive that is what makes him righteous!

Persistence is greater than genius. It’s those who stick it to it that win.

Peter and Judas( from the Bible) committed similar offenses,  Peter denied Jesus(he even cursed himself if he ever met Jesus!), Judas sold Him. Both were wrong.

Peter bounced back.

Judas bounced off.
Peter cried and came back, Judas cried and killed himself. Today will name our sons after Peter, today will refuse to be identified with Judas.

Judas turned a mistake to a MONUMENT! Don’t do it!

Each time I hear somebody calling Peter, it reminds me of a story of a comeback!

Don’t stop at your last attempt, don’t call it quit, it’s not yet over.

You can succeed again.

Things can get better.

Life can become easier.

You can hit the stardom

…With Just a little stroke of favour, the tide can turn!

Imagine if Jack Canfied and Mark Victor Hansen had called it quit after the 300th publisher refused their mega bestseller, ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’
What if they had stopped at the 100th rejection, the 200th or even the 300th?

Colonel Sanders the founder of KFC received 1009 No(s), before he got one yes.

Walt Disney the enigma behind the Mickey Mouse and Disney World got 302 rejections before he received the money to finance the Disney world

Remember that Vincent Van Gogh was only able to sell just one of his paintings in his lifetime! Today his most expensive painting cost $142.7million.
…The list goes on.

Don’t quit. There are better days still ahead. Fight on. Look for a way. Adopt a new method. Connect with new people. Get my book ‘Pick Up Your Broken Dreams’

Your set back can really be a set up for a resounding success.

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About the Author

Dr. Duyilemi Akindele Felix is a renowned  writer and International Inspirational Speaker. He is a popularly sought after Speaker in Corporate Organizations, Schools, Seminars and Churches. He has written a number of inspirational books including "It’s In You" "Pick Up Your Broken dreams" "Wake Up Your Destiny" and others. A well-rounded personality with  degrees in Science, Education, Psychology and Theology. He spends his time reading, writing and speaking. Reach him via [email protected]

PS: Please leave a comment. Thank you for checking this out.

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