Mar 27, 2017
Wake Up Your Destiny Conference

Friend, is my great joy to specially invite you to the first edition of Wake Up Your Destiny Conference in 2017. Wake Up Your Destiny Conference started in 2015 shortly after the publication of my book "Wake Up Your Destiny: Embracing Your Personal greatness" and the focus is to create an atmosphere where people can receive the momentum to pursue their destinies in life.

We have seen many lives transformed radically through powerful concepts and principles needed to translate destinies into concrete realities through this conference.

Our focus at this Edition is: YOU ARE MORE THAN THIS(see details on the flyer). At this conference you will learn, among other things,:

  • Destiny: Concept and Meaning.

  • Living life Intentionally.

  • Developing capacity to fulfill your destiny.

  • Maximizing your potential for greatness

  • and lots more.

You will also be able to meet and network with other destiny-driven personalities.

This is a meeting you can’t afford to miss.

I will be expecting you.


Duyilemi A. Felix,

Pastor,Author,Speaker, Consultant.


PS: Let me know, you will be coming by commenting on the comment box. Thanks.

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