Nov 10, 2020
You Are An Investor

You Are An Investor

Every morning around 5:30 a.m my wife and I usually jog some few kilometers away from our house. As we jog around, we see others too who are jogging and encourage one another. But, as early as this time, we also see some guys smoking and abusing drugs.

While we were out investing in our bodies and minds generating the right energy for the day, this other set of people were out investing also in their bodies and minds negative energy!

The truth is we were both investors. We invested in strength. They invested in weakness.


You are here right now investing in the right content. While millions of others now are on porn sites investing in lust.


Every investment yields dividends.



The right investment yields the right dividends. Wrong investment yields wrong dividends.


The Bible says, “You will reap what you sow.”


And there is also a compound effect on your investment.


For instance, if you keep investing in reading, learning, and attending seminars, in a few years the power of compound interest works on your investment thereby making you wise, confident, and successful.


Also, those who keep abusing drugs or drain away their energy watching pornography will enjoy compound interest on their investment!

People become what they invested in.


Earl Nightingale said in his highly successful book The Strangest Secret “Do you know what will happen to 100 individuals who start life even at the age of 25, and who believe they will be successful? By the age of 65, only 5 out of 100 will make the grade!”


Why? Because only a few consistently make the right investment. How do you join this 5 percentile who made the grade?


1. Become a Conscious Investor.

Be intentional. Every second you spend is an investment in something. From the time you woke up to the time you go to bed, you have invested in something.


However, many are unconscious investors.

They spend time scrolling down social media pages without real purpose. Each time you spend watching television and listening to the latest gossips, you are investing.


Don’t be a mindless investor.


Invest consciously.




Keep track of how you spend your time; what you do, and where you go.


Consciously invest in value. Never go to bed without being wiser than you woke up in the morning!


2. Invest in Things of Highest Values


You are an adult. I won’t choose your values for you. But I assume you have values for your life. I value knowledge, so my highest investment is in knowledge


I subscribed to Scribd and have access to the best online library in the world. There are always good books to read, That’s how I derive value for my time.


How do you spend your time? Are the things you are investing in of the highest return on investment (RoI) on your health, career, relationship, and finance?

Recommended book:

It’s In You: How to Get What You Want With What You Have



3. Associate with other conscious investors

Charles “Tremendous” Jones said, “I could predict your life 5 years from now if I know your friends and the books you read.”


If you want to become a conscious investor you can’t afford to spend a large chunk of your time with unconscious investors.


You must prioritize your relationship.

Look for people you admire, and find out WHY you admire them.

Study them.




If they have books, read them. If they have courses, enroll in them. If you can take them out for lunch, do.


Association matters.


4. Invest Daily.

Don’t be a one-time investor!




Exercising once a week will have no remarkable effect on your fitness level.


Reading one book a year will have no significant effect on your leadership or career success.


The secret to success is to succeed one day at a time.


Invest in knowledge—daily



Invest in the right relationship—daily


Be the best investor in town!


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Let’s talk: How are you investing your time? What has helped you to remain consistent in your investment? Please, share your thoughts in the comment section.

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