May 25, 2020
WHAT I "HATE" About Mount Zion Latest Movie, THE TRAIN

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When Mike Bamiloye’s son Damilola announced a few weeks back that the movie, “the Train”  that chronicled the life journey of Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, the Founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries(who recently turned 60), I was on the lookout for it on YouTube.

And two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to watch the film.
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What is my opinion about this film? Read on…

First, the movie is about the history of one of the greatest Gospel generals the continent of Africa has ever produced.

From a very humble background, Mike Bamiloye has become an exciting voice around the globe today, and his ministry, the Mount Zion Faith Ministries, is the Father and Mother of many gospel drama ministries, in the continent of Africa today.

From the setting of the movie, the depiction of characters, the creative blending of songs and instrumentation, the theme, language, appearance, voice coordination, and background music, the entire movie in the words of Wa Njovu, one of the over 1 million viewers on YouTube, “The entire movie captures flashbacks that bring the theme to light”

The story depicts the power of faith, conviction, and courage to go after your God’s given vision regardless of external conditions.

Raised by several foster parents after the demise of his biological mother (by the way, what happened to the father of bro Mike?), Mike went through various life stages, he was very skillful at stealing meats from the Mama’s ‘pot,” had his own stint with adolescent delinquency; and ultimately, a life changing encounter with Jesus Christ. 

That marked a new beginning for brother Mike.

Was his destiny set at the begining? No, various experiences Bro Mike had didn’t in any way revealed what a mega-destiny waiting for him in the future.

 Sisters turned down his proposals and turned him to “gossip prayer points.” 
Bro Mike suffered. His suits suffered. And he suffered in the hands of “Elders” who were supposed to encourage his fledgling vision.

However, Mike Bamiloye with great doggedness, gusto, and what seemed like temporary madness, Bro Mike resigned his full-time job as a local primary school teacher, like Apostle Paul, to pursue his heavenly vision!
Who would believe in Bro Mike’s vision?

 Sister Gloria!

 I am still thinking about that woman till today! What a great woman!
What a woman of faith! What a depth of conviction to make you abandon a ready-made suitor coming from the overseas for a struggling Bro, whose only destiny was in the hands of the invisible God?

How about those Mount Zion faithful members who chose to follow a reckless brother Mike with a reckless faith in a reckless vision? Every one of those “brothers” and “Sisters” deserve a GOLD MEDAL. They are worthy of double honors.

So what Do I hate About this Movie?
No, I didn’t hate anything in this movie, but…

 I hate the fact that several great visions, like Bro Mike’s vision has been abandoned on the altar of comfort, “easism,” and lack of faith in the giver of such dreams.

 I hate the fact that so many people are running away from a great future because of “temporary” circumstances…

See the movie HERE and tell me what you “Hate” about it!

For me, “It’s Yes!”

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