Don’t Underestimate yourself; Release Your Ideas.


  Don’t Underestimate Yourself; Release Your Ideas You are bigger than you think you are —Felix A. Duyilemi   I remember many years ago when I used to belittle myself. My thought lines were along: “I am not good enough.” ” I am not smart enough. ” “I am not tall enough!” “Who will read my books if I write books.”   I have those silly thoughts for a long while until I fired them […]

The Positive Power of Believing In Yourself.


“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” Thomas A. Edison.   What have they called you?   ·Albert Einstein  was called a good for nothing boy. ·Les Brown was tagged mentally retarded. ·Walt Disney was judged to lack creativity ·Thomas Edison was called a dunce ·Winston Churchill was told he would never amount to anything. ·Billy Graham was told nobody would ever hear of his name. […]