Jul 4, 2017
Enoch Durotoye speaks on Discovery 2017.

Every year, Pastor cum Manager, Enoch Durotoye hosts a popular conference in the city of Ibadan, dubbed ” The Discovery Conference.” Since, its inception, a number of high profiled Speakers, like Fela Durotoye and Leke Alder have spoken at the conference. Several lives, including mine, have been tremendously blessed at this conference. It’s a conference many people look forward to. In this interview with Enoch Durotoye, the convener of this conference, he shares on the main focus of this year conference and what participants should look forward to. Enjoy!


-Can we meet you sir?

I am Enoch Durotoye. I am a Teacher, a Pastor and a Manager.

I Pastor Wisdom Christian Centre in Ibadan and I work with Procter and Gamble

Tell us about the Genesis of the Discovery Conference.


The conference began 3 years ago with the aim of equipping people to influence and develop their society

Can you say, so far, you are encouraged about the feedbacks you have received from the past participants?


The conference has grown year on year. Our Team has been encouraged by the testimonies and the impact the conference has been having thus far in peoples’ lives.


What is the theme of this year’s Conference and what should we expect?




-What is your ultimate goal for this year’s Conference? 


For everyone who attends to have a Success Paradigm and to see excellence in our daily dealings with people around.


-Who are the speakers at this Conference and why should we bother to listen to them?



Godman Akinlabi and Gbeminiy Eboda. These two are not just speakers but also doers of what they speak. We have so much to attract from them.


-What is the schedule of the program and what should participants expect at each session?


Friday is a Dinner with the speakers and we shall be talking Excellence. Time is 6pm but Red Carpet starts by 5pm

Saturday is 10am.

Venue for both days is Mauve 21

And Sunday is 8am at Wisdom Christian Centre DSTV building liberty road Ibadan



-What is your final words sir?


We hear words but their interpretation come in pictures. When I mention Success, a picture pops up in your mind, that picture is what success is to you. True success and Fulfilment go together. If you truly want to be fulfilled in life and not just pass by, YOU MUSN’T MISS DISCOVERY 2017.

Spread the news and see you there


-Thanks for your time sir.


You are welcome



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