Feb 20, 2020
Finding Inspiration to Live Today!

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Never make the mistake of turning a temporary situation into a permanent condition. 

Tough time never last, you know, but tough people, tough faith and motivation to see another beautiful day do! If you make a mistake, don’t turn it into a monument. 

Learn the lessons, forget the details. Give yourself a second chance. You are growing.

 Learning is part of living. Stop visiting the past, there are better places in the future. 

Focus on what’s coming, not on good old days!

 Stop the drama, not everything or every person that is worth paying attention to. Sometimes, the best you can do is to “look, and pass!” 

People who love you will support no matter what. Allow wrong people to ‘exit’ your life. Create a space for right people and better opportunities. 

Your best is yet to come, make today a great day! Give yourself a gift of hug!

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About the Author

Duyilemi A. Felix  is a Nigeria based Life  and Business  mentor specialized in helping people grow their business by thinking differently, expand  their concept of possibilities and create new realities.When he’s not learning new concepts, he’s writing or speaking.  He’s also the lead pastor of Christ Classic International Ministries. Reach him at [email protected]


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