It’s In You: Success Ebook

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All that you need to be great in life is already in you. This book will help you dig it out.

Dr. Duyilemi Akindele Felix has a rare gift of getting people fired up to go after their dreams and passion in life. In this book you will learn practical strategies that will enable you to get what you want with what you have.


Among other things, you will learn how to:


  • Break every perceived limitations on your potentials
  • Overcome inertial
  • Fire Up Your Imagination
  • Discover your Passion
  • Achieve your biggest dreams
  • Raise Capital for your business/vision
  • Sack fear and embrace faith

and many more!

You can now download the digital copy of the book that has blessed many lives in many countries around the world for just N̶5̶, 0̶0̶0̶.0̶0̶ NGN1,000.00 or $̶1̶0̶.0̶0̶ $2.00 ( discount available only today).

Go after your dreams, and be all you are capable of becoming!

USD.     2.00     Buy now. ( with PayPal)

What Readers Are Saying About Felix A. Duyilemi

I am always so encouraged and inspired by your writing. You do amazing work. We need more people like you.”

Zasha Hall
United States

“Your book “IT’s In You” had me thinking—thanks for the book. I was meant to read it.”


Marcelle Lofton
Philadelphia, USA

I am so blessed to have met you. Your book is truly a blessing.



Tracy Edmond
Chester, Virginia..

You are a great inspiration like Les Brown.


Emy Palencia

You are my true inspiration


Ledi Nkhatho
South Africa

I like your words, they are so inspiring.




Sharon Babcock
Rolla, Missouri.

Thank you for your uplifting messages. I need the supportive assistance of people like you.



Kaye Fleming.
Naples, Florida.

I have learnt a lot from you that you have no idea of. I hope to visit Nigeria to sit under your feet to listen live!


Daniel Boardi Ameyer.

You are a very strong instructor.



Vincentas Tiesiog

You help people better their lives. I am glad, really really glad that I met a friend like you.



Vicky Aquino Cabacungan

USD.     2.00     Buy now. ( with PayPal)

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