How to Borrow God’s Brain to Succeed

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The concepts in this book are fresh, and different from what you can easily find in other self-help books. Also, the ideas are unique, challenging, inspiring and revolutionary.

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How To Borrow God's Brain To Succeed

The 2020 Reader’s Choice award-winning book, “How to borrow God’s Brain to Succeed” offers revolutionary new concepts on success.

This book gleans God’s principles of success from Genesis Chapter 1 and applies it to life, business and professional success.

The concepts in this book are fresh, and different from what you can easily find in other self-help books. Also, the ideas are unique, challenging, inspiring and revolutionary.


This book will show you how to:

  • Handle challenges like a champion


  • Convert your struggles to triumph


  • Emerge from the cocoon of failure to the mountaintop of achievements


  • Beat procrastination and complete your “incompletes”


  • Re-evaluate your life and focus your attention on what really counts


  • Get off the sidelines of life and engage in success!


Whether you are just starting up in life or you have experienced a measure of progress, this book will speed up your success, and catapult you to a new height of greatness.

If you are thinking of a book to prepare your mind for success in 2021, you will definitely prefer How To Borrow God’s Brain To Succeed

You are just a step away from hiring God’s BRAIN to create extraordinary success.

You are bigger than you thought, let this book be your ladder to the top!


What Readers Are Saying

I need God’s Brain!

Tony Guarnaccia, USA

I found this book to be an excellent guide to moving my own aspirations forward.

Here we find the author discusses in basic terms how to overcome the challenges we all face in day to day struggles.

First discussed is the real power and effect of our own words, and he astutely holds up “the Word” as a first-rate example. We should always value our own words and trust they are achievable, and then they’ll be just like the profound examples he gives from the Holy Bible.

He finds afterward – quoting – “negative words produce negative results and positive words produce positive results”.

Both the rich and poor have difficult challenges that are required, to help us mature and experience normalcy.

The world is always searching for problem solvers and many companies are actively searching for and hiring them.

In order to push out more positive effects in our work life, he counsels maintaining balance in our spiritual, financial, social, family and career lives.

Correspondingly, preforming our own regular “performance evaluations” will enable us to more often post the “big wins” just like so many huge global organizations have discovered.

In review: An easy to digest read, that I’ve barely scratched here. Particularly recommended for anyone seeking to foster their own trademark.

Glenn Lapoint, USA.

I really enjoyed the correlation that the author uses with the Bible! The concepts really solidified for me with truths I’ve felt to be true!

I love the creation but I never broke it down into the parts that the author does and it has given me knew perspective! I will try to be better at working on the “one thing for one day” with focus.

I will incorporate rest/play/leisure as He did. I will also recognize at the end of the day that it was “very good!” I will borrow God’s Brain and succeed!

Lana, USA

I really appreciate the practical, yet life-changing, concepts presented in this book with scriptures to back them up. We are meant to be more powerful than the way most of us live.

If you are ready to move from a victim to victor in your life, I suggest you read this book now with an open mind. If it doesn’t make sense, then read it a second time.

Tirzah Hawkins, USA.

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