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Learn to take charge of your time, Eliminate
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The power of a simple idea. I never knew I could start a company without money. This book helped me get IT DONE. Now my fintech company is running! Thank you, Felix


Mindfulness Coach Approved

I’m a Certified Mindfulness Coach and I LOVED this book. I loved the author’s term "wantination" (as in I WANT to do that, but here’s a thousand reasons why I am putting off doing it). This book will help you GET MORE DONE!
Melvin, USA

When you are ready to move on – read this for some real help

An incredible well-organized guide to getting your game rolling forward again.

I had pretty much come to a halt – through no reason of mine, but mostly due to outside forces and tides. After studying this interesting look at procrastination, I broke through obstacles and am finishing tasks - like when I was much younger, despite powerful downstream undercurrents.

Saturated with both step-by-step advice and a structure to build your own, individualized solution, this book showcases how to effectively conquer procrastination and overwhelm.

My dwelling is looking much cleaner and organized and extra weight is dropping off as it should.
I am also noticing other positive effects, like clearer mental acuity and proper time management discipline.
Highly recommended!USA

~Glenn Laipont, USA

What is inside this action-packed Book

The Culprit

- No 1 REASON you have NOT accomplished your BIGGEST DREAM till NOW ( You may find this hard to admit to yourself )

The Biology

You will see how the limbic SYSTEM in your brain is responsible for your procrastination habit, and how to TRAIN your pre-frontal cortex to BE in CHARGE.

The Funny Ideas


The Dissease

5 WAYS to CURE your 'EXCUSITIS' DISEASE ( This is the disease of giving excuses )

The Laws

5 LAWS to quadruple your PRODUCTIVITY

The Game Changer


What make the ideas in this book very UNIQUE

You can GET a lot DONE while still finding enough time to binge on NETFLIX

The 1st step to getting over something is to identify the issue. I can safely say (after reading this) that I have identified the issue! It was not what I thought it was! Now to jump into action and correct it! Thank you!

Robyn Micheal


"This is paradigm shifting for me. I used to SAY, EASIER SAID than DONE, now I say, EASIER DONE than SAID! Empowering!"
Barrister Victoria U.

About The Author:

Felix A. Duyilemi is an award-winning author, Greatness Consultant, and a 6-figure high-impact speaker

He helps people and businesses expand their concepts of possibilities, dream extraordinary dreams, and translate those dreams to reality with minimum efforts and time.

He's a Keynote Speaker on Mindset in various organizations, Universities and Churches.

His 3-step transformation formula is
#1. Think #2. Imagine #3. Create

When he's not speaking or writing, he's out volunteering his time helping young people in Schools clarifying their purpose in life.

To book a free 30-minute coaching session with him, send an email to: [email protected]

Felix Duyilemi

Take the First Step to Cure Procrastination

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According to research

Procrastination chronically affects approximately 15%–20% of adults, and that approximately 25% of adults consider procrastination to be a defining personality trait for them.

Approximately 80%–95% of college students engage in procrastination to some degree, approximately 75% consider themselves to be procrastinators, and approximately 50% say that they procrastinate in a consistent and problematic manner.

In a study by Science Direct on an adult sample, 74% of the people who were surveyed indicated that they go to bed later than they planned at least once a week, with no external reason for doing so.

In one survey by American Psychological Association, 94% of people indicated that procrastination has a negative effect on their happiness, and 18% indicated that this effect is extremely negative.

What if there is a SYSTEM to help you CURE PROCRASTINATION?

What if there is a SYSTEM to help you STOP WASTING AWAY YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE and start ACHIEVING MORE in a YEAR than you have DONE in a DECADE?

Well, that system is REVEALED in this BOOK!

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 You launch your  1 million Dollars online Business?

Write and publish your first best-selling book?

Finally plan and go on that long overdue vacation?

Clear your debts?

Form a mastermind group?

All because you STOPPED procrastinating.

This book offers you these endless possibilities

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