Felix Duyilemi's 20 Most Famous Quotes

  1. "When God is involved in any matter, the integrity of impossibility is at stake." 2. When you know what's written, you won't be bothered about what's happening 3. The profundity of your thought is the height of your creativity 4. Life is too complex to live without miracles 5. The greatest threat to your future possibilities is your previous knowledge 6. Stop visiting the past, there are better places in the future 7. Love is the greatest force in the world 8. Vision will first put you into a problem, before putting you into prominence 9. When you compare your problems with God's potency, your problems become infinitesimally infinitesimal 10. Greatness is in you! 11. What you behold is what you become 12. Faith doesn't make the difference, faith is the difference. 13. If you can't raise your height, raise your thoughts. 14. Prayer is the first wireless technology that connects humanity to divinity 15. Don't see what you are seeing, start seeing what you want to see 16. Words are not empty, they are the most powerful weapon in the universe 17. Your purpose in life is to prosper. Prosperity is not an option, you are here to prosper! 18. Live with passion. Do something meaningful with your life. 19. Think big! Nobody will arrest you for thinking big! 20. Why do you doubt yourself when God believes in you? Learn more about Felix Duyilemi here  Related:  Albert Einstein's 20 Most Famous Quotes Bishop David Oyedepo's 20 Most Famous Quotes Apostle Joshua Salman's 20 Most Famous Quotes Oprah Winfrey's 20 Most Famous Quotes