How To Find Your Life Purpose

  • What's Purpose?

    In this topic you will learn the true meaning of purpose and I will clarify any misconception you have about purpose.

  • 21 clues to finding your passion

    Here you will find some clues to your life purpose. At the end of this topic, you will be able to identify your purpose on earth!

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  • 11 seasons of purpose fulfillment

    Purpose goes through seasons, those who don't understand this will end up being frustrated. In this topic, we look at different seasons of purpose fulfillment and how to maximize each of these seasons.

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  • 5 keys to passionate living

    Finding your purpose is about moving from passive living to passionate living! In this topic, you will learn 5 keys to passionate living

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  • 7 Killers of purpose

    The truth is even when some people discovered their purpose, they never actualize it. We shall find out why in this section

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  • 7 Ways to turn to purpose to reality

    How do you turn your purpose to reality? How do you MOVE from observing life to doing LIFE? This is what you are about to learn in this topic.

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