Jun 27, 2018
Bishop David Oyedepo Speaks on Success.

When "David Oyedepo speaks, wise men listen!" In this article, one of the most prominent ministers of God in the entire world reveals the secret of his ending success! Read it and be inspired to write a new script for your life.

The enemy knows the role your mind plays in shaping your destiny. He knows your mind is the gateway to your destiny. As a result, he constantly organizes obstacles on the way.

The devil is a mind-blocker. He organizes programmes to blind your mind, because he knows that when your mind is blinded, your destiny is blocked and your future becomes uncertain. We shall consider 6 obstacles to mental excellence:


Adam before the fall was a symbol of supernatural mental excellence. He knew everything. He single-highhandedly named all the animals that God created. He was excellent. But the devil got him-through sin!

God has not changed.When you habitually live in sin, you’re destroying your mental capacity. Dr.T.L. Osborn said something very profound along this line. He said, “Every time you sin, something dies in you” And I believe one of the things that die in people when they sin is their heritage of mental excellence.

Sin! That’s Satan’s number one trap. By enhancing and promoting your taste for sin, he drags you into the net of mental failure.

2.Accepting the Status Quo.

The next trap that the enemy uses to block men’s mental excellence is to make them accept the statusquo. He gets them thinking, “This is where I belong. God has tried. This is just okay”

Listen to me: the moment you stop pushing, you start crashing! Don’t ever get to the point where, if you don’t make it, you conclude that it means God has not planned for you to make it. Such an attitude is accepting the status quo, and it paralyses mental excellence.

Where you are today is a wonderful place, but God has a more wonderful place for you tomorrow. The results you have now are quite wonderful, but God has more awaiting you. The top is where you belong.

When life is void of progress, it becomes a burden. And nothing motivates the brain to walk like seeing something ahead of you. Let your attitude be, “I don’t care where I am now, the best is yet to come.”

3.The Trap of Past Failures.

Another obstacle tomental excellence is the trap of mental torture generated by dwelling on the irreparable past. Satan connects you so much to the past, which you can’t see anything ahead anymore. If you stay glued to the negative past, your great future loses its colour.

The past is dead! It can no longer be corrected. So leave it in the grave and take the next step forward. Only those who are smart enough to bury their past enjoy a great future.

I know an elderly person who never travels by air (though he’s educated), just because he’s seen one or two planes crash in the past. I told him that there are more car accidents than plane crashes. He has not freed himself from the past, and that dulled his mentality. So even if something good is waiting for him in Canada,for instance, he won’t go! This is just a typical case of how the devil paralyses one’s mentality.

Bishop David Oyedepo

4.Pride of Past Achievements.

The fourth obstacle to mental excellence is the pride of past achievements.  What appears standard today very soon becomes sub-standard tomorrow.  Bless God for your past achievement, but it’s only a pointer that you can get more done in the future, if you choose to. For you, even in old age ,you will still bring forth fruits (Ps.92:14).

God said He has a place for you to be greatest among the greatest. He said He will set you up on high,above all the nations of the earth. But you’re so far down the ladder, yet you are taking a break!

To remain mentally awake, you have to keep moving towards a well-defined target. I said in my book, Towards Excellence in Life and Ministry, that when your assignment becomes a task, all your senses will come alive. Life is not a joke. When your assignment becomes a task, all your brain cells will take on new life.

Where you are today may look amazing, but it’s not good enough for tomorrow. The world is watching to see you take steps. If you pitch your tent too early, you will lose relevance in no time. Bless God for where you are now, but He has a bigger place for you ahead, so keep moving forward!

5. Comparison.

Here is another trap;it’s comparing yourself with others especially the less privileged. You have your life to live; you have a mission to accomplish. You have to believe in the principle of identity. You are here on a mission. I don’t know what anyone else is sent to do, but bless God; I’m on a mission on this earth.

Don’t be trapped by comparing yourself with others. Whether negative or positive, you are answerable only to God. Stop wondering about what the other man will do, do your own!

6.Fear of Curses and Enchantments.

If you have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus, curses and enchantments have lost their hold on your life. You are now connected to the blessing channel of Abraham. And we know that God said to Abraham that He will bless him and make him a blessing (Gen.12:3)

That means you can’t be cursed, molested, enchanted or bewitched! Yet many have stopped thinking, because they have been made to believe that there’s a curse working against them. As a result, they operate in this consciousness, saying to themselves,“No matter how much I try, from the fourth till now, it has been the same”

Many year ago, while driving on the highway, I overtook a woman I perceive must be one of the terrible witches in that city. She met me at filling station where I had stopped to refuel, and with gleaming eyes snapped at me, “You overtook me like that? There’s no way you will get to where you’re going.” And I quickly reply her, “As soon as I get there, you will hear.”

You know there’s a word used to describe fear—paranoid. Why? Because it has a paralyzing effect on its victim.  People who live in fear hardly think well. Fear paralyses mentality. Be free from it now, in Jesus’ name.

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Mar 31, 2016


The secret of great men are hidden in their daily routine- Mike Murdock.

We know them when we see them. They possess carriage that draws people naturally. I call them exceptional people. Their behavior and demeanor set them apart from the majority of people. They didn’t just jump to that lofty height; their position today was as a result of the disposition they have maintained over a period of time. They have a set of habits that daily monitor their progress. If you inculcate these habits, you too can experience grace that trail after these people.

In this article, I will outline 5 things exceptional people do daily, if you are reading this, you are sure on your way!

1.They pray daily.

They are not religious, they are only being wise. Prayer is important to exceptional people. They realize the need for supernatural guidance in their daily affairs. So, “they do the first thing first” in the words of Stephen Covey.  In prayer, they exchange their limited strength to the unlimited strength of God; they table before Him issues of concern and seek His perspective on difficult decisions.  There is also psychological reason why they do this, through prayer, exceptional people prepare and strengthen their psychological readiness for the day. They go out from their closest with positive affectivity that draws good things to them as they begin the day.

2.Read or listen to inspiring material.

They know the impact of energy. They are aware that energy both negative and positive is generated.  Positive energy drives productivity. Negative energy drains productivity and stifles creativity. Exceptional people generate positive energy consciously. They are intentional and deliberate about it. So they fill their minds every morning with uplifting thoughts and inspiring content that empowers their minds to ward off negative thoughts and dis-empowering beliefs that could stifle their creative capacity for the rest of the day.


 3.They Plan their day.

They are incredibly organized. Exceptional people believe that a great day doesn’t just occur; it has to be planned for. So through planning they obey one of Covey’s  7 habits of effective People, “seeing the end from the beginning.” Planning enables them to work with the end in mind.  This is why exceptional people get more done than ordinary people. They apportion their time to important things. They don’t necessary do a lot of things; they only do a lot of things that are important. They don’t only plan their day, they stick to their plan. Exceptional people believe that a day not planned is a day lost.

4.They Create a “Thinking Time”

They work smart. While ordinary people rely heavily on their muscles to get things done, exceptional people rely more on their brains. So, they carefully plan a “Thinking time” to their day. This is important to them. This habit allows them to think through issues, deliberate generate creative ideas and take purposeful action.

5.They are not too serious.

They get more done relaxed than being tensed. They believe that positive affectivity drives productivity. Abraham Lincoln was quoted to say to one of his staff “if you are too serious, you are not wanted here” Exceptional people don’t see work as hard, they see work as fun. They work from informed and enlighten position. They also deliberately create non-threatening work environment for employees to experiment, make mistakes, learn and relax. They hardly break down because they don’t take themselves and their work too serious. They expect to make mistakes, laugh at themselves and learn from their mistakes. Maybe, that is why they are exceptional.

Everybody can become exceptional, even you, if you do what they do.

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About the Author

Dr. Duyilemi Akindele Felix is a renowned  writer and International Inspirational Speaker. He is a popularly sought after Speaker in Corporate Organizations, Schools, Seminars and Churches. He has written a number of inspirational books including "It’s In You" "Pick Up Your Broken dreams" "Wake Up Your Destiny" and others. He spends his time reading, writing and speaking. Reach him on [email protected]

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Feb 26, 2016
Is The Oval House Too Big For Dr. Ben Carson? I Don’t Think So.

Dr. Ben Carson.

“Yes Benjamin” he said.

I heard snickers around me. The other kids probably thought it was a joke, or that I was going to say something stupid.

“Obsidian” I said.

“That’s right!” He tried not to look startled, but it was obvious he didn’t expect me to give the correct answer.

“That’s obsidian,” I said, “and it’s formed by the supercooling of lava when it hits the water.”

…when I finally paused, a voice behind me whispered, “Is that Bennie Carson?”

Culled from, Think Big by Dr. Ben Carson, formally called “Bennie Carson!”

I am a Nigerian and I love Dr. Ben Carson. I haven’t met him yet. Hopefully, when he becomes the President of United States Of America, I will have the chance to shake his “Gifted Hands.”

Dr. Ben has gone a long way; from his humble beginning at the back of Detroit, Michigan to leading his class in high School and heading Pediatric Neurosurgery at the popular Johns Hopkins at the relatively young age of 33, the youngest American to first occupy that position, not to mention his groundbreaking work of separating conjoined twins, Dr. Ben is  indeed a pictorial representation of inspiration.


Just like Albert Einstein’s name is synonymous to intelligence, the name Ben Carson is synonymous to achievement and inspiration. This catalogue of achievements lends credence to this: in 2000, the Library of Congress selected Carson as one of its "Living Legends." The following year, CNN and Time magazine named Carson as one of the nation’s 20 foremost physicians and scientists. In 2006, he received the Spingarn Medal, the highest honor bestowed by the NAACP. In February 2008, President George W. Bush awarded Carson the Ford’s Theatre Lincoln Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And in 2009, actor Cuba Gooding Jr. portrayed Carson in the TNT television production Gifted Hands.

With legion of honorary degrees in his kitty, Dr. Ben Carson has become a symbol of inspiration to millions of high school students around the globe. I first heard of Dr. Ben in my sophomore at the University of Ibadan, my good friends who were medical students were always seen discussing a book authored by Ben Carson “Gifted Hands.”  Later I had the opportunity to read this book, and since, I have come to completely fall in love with Dr. Ben Carson. He’s a man who has inspired me the way nobody else has done. I could identify with his story. His journey from the wood to international fame is one of the most inspirational stories anyone could ever read.

When I heard that Dr. Ben was aspiring to become the President of United States of America, I was elated. I knew that this man could transform America with his “Gifted hands” and the mind that is always “Thinking Big” because he has eyes that can see “The Big Picture.” And anyone who has enough brain in his frontal lobes should know that Dr. Ben possesses quintessential qualities that match the office of the President of the United States

Intelligent people listen while Carson talks.

I do not write this because am an American, I write this because Dr. Ben Carson has personally influenced my life in no small measure and the lives of several people all over the world. He deserves the right publicity not the kind I have seen the mainline media in the US giving to him. While it’s true that Mr. Trump has built more WALLS than Dr. Ben Carson; the latter has built more LIVES than all the other aspirants combined. There is no telling what his “Gifted Hands” could do if Americans allow him to become their president.

I believe the position of Dr. Ben Carson in the last three primaries would have been different if the people haven’t been influenced by the media and if Dr. Ben Carson were to be a billionaire. When average people have opportunity to choose between money and values, they will go for the former. Because this man doesn’t lie or brag that doesn’t make him “incompetent” to man the office of the president. I believe he’s too decent to do that.

Dr. Ben is not on ego trip, he believes he has the capacity to heal, inspire and revive America at this critical time in her history, I believe he can do it. He has enough credentials to make every right thinking person to believe this.

I read a certain article that the reason people aren’t voting for him was because his foreign knowledge was almost non-existent, I can’t help thinking that the writer must have been “bought.” And unfortunately he has, without thinking, sold the “error” to many Americans. Because Dr. Ben is quick to admit shortcomings or mistakes in his presentation, the media have come to interpret that as “lack” of knowledge. Ability to recognize one’s mistake and correct it is one of the hallmarks of a great leader. Besides, Dr. Carson, has an insatiable appetite for learning, and can easily within a short time compensate for anything he needs to know.

For those telling him to bow out, and endorse Cruz, my question is why? Why don’t you tell Cruz to bow out and endorse Carson? Was it because he’s not a career politician and he’s never “politically correct?”  Was it because he’s too decent to call anybody an “idiot” or “stupid?”  Dr. Ben, go on, nobody expected you to go this far in life- from the back of your class to international fame- you have demonstrated that you have what it takes. You are calm, to many, that is a weakness, but that was exactly the quality in wellington that enabled him to defeat Napoleon at the waterloo.

Dr. Ben, go on, you have a cause, you are on a mission, don’t listen to the naysayers, see this journey to the end. If eventually you didn’t secure the nomination ticket it won’t be because you are “incompetent” it will be due to the old aphorism that “Politics is a dirty game” and people like you who are not dirty don’t have a chance.


Dr. Carson I believe this risk is worth taking for the people of America.

About the Author.

Dr. Duyilemi Akindele Felix is a renowned  writer and International Inspirational Speaker. He is a popularly sought after Speaker in Corporate Organizations, Schools, Seminars and Churches. He has written a number of inspirational books including "It’s In You" "Pick Up Your Broken dreams" "Wake Up Your Destiny" and others. He spends his time reading, writing and speaking. Reach him via email: [email protected]

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Jan 31, 2016
5 Characteristics of A Dream


Everybody has a dream. A yearning. A desire. An aspiration. A dream can be defined as an expected desire of the future state. It’s a mental image of the person you will like to be or what you will like to have or do.

Every dream shares these five characteristics

1. Every dream is UNIQUE.

There is no inferior dream. No two persons have exactly the same dreams even if their dreams look alike; the interpretation of such dreams will be different.Your dream is unique, different and special from others. For instances, you may dream of becoming a great writer and when you consider a number of books already written by great writers, you may feel overwhelmed, thinking what difference will your books make.

However, the truth is no person has exact combination of your name. Nobody has exactly the same experiences or ideas as yours. Even if your book is carrying the same title with another writer and similarity of ideas, a careful reader can observe differences of thoughts, analysis, focus, inferences, application and structures.

You don’t have to be intimated by what others are doing because your dream is unique and special to you.

2.Every Dream Carries A Great Potential.

Like the biblical mustard seed that was the smallest among all others seeds but when a farmer planted it, it grew to become the tallest of all trees, so is the dream in your heart. Don’t underestimate the potential of your dream. Most people have been surprised at the impact of  their work which they initially considered to be insignificant.

For instance, the book "How to Win Friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie wasn’t expected to sell beyond few copies but to the surprise of the author the book went on to become a best-seller.

Several musicians and authors have expressed surprises on the popularity their work have gained among people. Such is the potential of a dream. The divine injunction to every dreamer is "Don’t despise the day of small beginning."

3.Every Dream Has In-built Success Potential.

We may ask what grows a seed, is it the soil, the farmer or the seed itself? The answer is all of the above. A seed needs someone to plant it(You have got to "plant" your  dream) a seed needs  soil to grow( You need to create a right atmosphere for your dream) and finally, a seed has life in itself to grow(in your dream lies the in-built success potential to succeed)

4. Every Dream Grows At Its Own Pace

You can’t hurry a seed to grow; every seed has its process of growth. Some seeds grow faster and mature earlier than others. So also are the gestation periods of different animals. Don’t compare your dreams with others; of course, you don’t expect to harvest at the same time if you have planted a coconut seed with someone who planted a groundnut seed.

5. Every Dream Has Its Own Challenges

No dream is totally free of challenges. In fact, you can’t grow a seed without covering with soil. The seed has got to fight against the weight of the soil. It can be said that difficulty makes a seed grow. Challenges are part of the process of the realization of a dream. If you have a dream, you will face challenges,and that is perfectly normal. The journey is Worthy of the travail if you are on the right route!

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