Mar 5, 2016
The Law of Purpose

Duyilemi Akindele Felix

Even  a Cockroach knows that it has a purpose in life!     Myles Munroe

This law states that you are not an accident of a biological evolution; you are on earth for an assignment.

This powerful law explains the fact that nobody becomes great who doesn’t have a conviction of a great purpose for his existence. If a purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable. To be great, you must understand that you have a purpose to fulfill in life.

God puts you here for a reason. You are destined for a destiny. You are assigned to an assignment. God has a purpose in mind while creating you. You are not a purposeless entity!  There is a REASON for you. There is a reason you look the way you look. There is a reason you talk the way you talk. There is a reason you act the way you act.

You are customized and wired with peculiarity to fit in into God’s given destiny. You are not a mishap. You are not an accidental occurrence! God planned your life in advance. He selected your colour, your race, your background, your experiences to align you with your destiny.  You are programmed for a purpose!

·A fish is designed to swim.

·A bird is designed to fly.

·A clock is designed to measure time.

·You are designed for a purpose.

There are books you were born to write. There are songs you were born to sing. There are products you were born to invent. There are discoveries you were born to make. Greatness begins when your purposed is discovered.

Don’t just go through life hoping to just make it till the next day, go through life purposefully. Live the life you were created to live.

Write that book!

Sing that song!

 Take that course!

 Visit that country!

 Open that business!

 Begin that program.

If you are like most people, the question on your mind will be "How do I know my purpose in life?" Here are few clues to your purpose in life:

What do people say about me?

What people say about you may be a clue to your purpose on earth. I am not talking about isolated instances when people pass a passing comment about you. I am talking about a consistently persistent commendation of discerning men around you.

  • Pharaoh told Joseph, there is no man as wise as you. He recognized leadership greatness in Joseph.

  • Abigail could see the King in David even while he was running away from Saul.

  •  Moses’ Mother saw ‘he was not an ordinary child,’ when he was born.

  • Barnabas could “see” the grace of God upon Paul.

  • Ruth saw uncommon greatness in Naomi.

  • Jonathan recognized David when he saw him and gave up his right to the throne for David.

Sometimes, what people see and say about you might be the clue to your purpose or destiny. Start paying attention.

What kinds of questions people usually ask me?

Take inventory of the kinds of questions people usually ask you.

The kind of questions people ask you may indicate the answers God has put in you.

Jesus made most of his greatest statements in response to people’s questions.

Apostle Paul wrote many of his epistles because of the kinds of questions people asked him.

Are people asking you about marriage? Parenting tips? Leadership? Business? Purpose?  Answer to those questions might put you in the part of your destiny.

What problems do people bring to me to solve?

Closely related to the above, is what kinds of problems do people bring to you to solve? The problems you solve are the key to the solutions in you.

Ø  Joseph solved economic problem in Egypt.

Ø  Nehemiah solved leadership problem in Israel.

Ø   Daniel solved political problem in Babylon.

What do people admire about me?

What people admire about you may be a clue to the beauty your life is meant to create. For a long time, people have admired my oratorical abilities. When I talked I seemed to gain people’s attention. However, it’s not until I gave my life to Christ, that I discovered I was born to talk. Not careless talk. I was born to change lives, release destinies and transform nations with words! That is my Purpose. That is my destiny. That is my life assignment. And I have started. I give glory to God that today several lives in many countries around the world have been blessed through my words


What do people hate about me?

 Sometimes, what people hate about you may be a clue to what you are meant to pursue in life. People may hate you for talking too much. That may indicate you are destined to become a great speaker. You don’t need to stop talking too much; you only need to start having something worthwhile to say. It’s not everybody that can talk. In fact, talking is a gift.

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Never leave this world without fulfilling Your Purpose!

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