BE Consistent by Joyce Meyer


  Consistency Is the Key~ Joyce Meyer. I remember a time when I gained about ten pounds and had tried everything I could think of to lose it. My clothes were getting right; I was very uncomfortable, and I wanted to lose the weight quickly.   For a few days, I ate no fat at all. When that diet didn’t work, I ate nothing but protein. When I had no success with all-protein after a […]

What My Mentor Taught Me: Lesson 4-Duyilemi A. Felix


Dr Duyilemi A. Felix with Professor(Mrs) Ayelaigbe “Why do you think many people live below their potential” My mentor asked that afternoon in his office. I think “It’s ignorance sir.” I responded. “Ignorance, ignorance, hmmm… ignorance” that word “ignorance” My mentor seemed to have a long contemplation before he called that word again, “ignorance” “Do you know the meaning of ignorance?” My mentor asked.   I presumed the question was hypothetical, so I delayed giving a […]

7 Life Lessons From The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


                                                                                                                                                     Advertisement.                                                                .  Many people came into the world to participate in a myriad of events and then died without meaningful impacts traceable to their mundane existence. Some others came to create events that would forever etch in the annals of history. The latter continue to arouse the interest of the world years after they have gone. They become beckon of hopes and inspirations to the world they left behind.   Such was the […]

You Can Have Anything You Want In Life Just the Way You Want It.


  You don’t  have to choose between success and peace of mind, you can have both! You don’t have to choose between purity and prosperity, you can have both. You can have anything you want in life just the way you want it. You don’t have to abandon your dreams or goals,you can enjoy life optimally while blessing others and advancing the Kingdom of God. Right now you are surrounded with the plenty of the […]