Apr 6, 2016
Wonders of Providence!By Felix Duyilemi

A man was on his way to work when he saw his friend at the bus-stop, he alighted to greet his old time friend. They embraced. No time for camaraderie, it was early in the morning. He was going to resume at work, his friend was going for an interview. The issue was his friend had been at the bus-stop for too long, he was almost late for the interview. He needed this job having waited for it for 5years. He would have loved to give him a ride but they were heading in opposite directions. He had a job, his friend needed a job. So he decided to give his car to his friend while he boarded a cab to his work place.


The guy arrived at the interview just at the nick of time. The interview went well and was immediately offered the job. He was elated and immediately shared the good news with his friend. He asked him his whereabouts so that he could return his car.


On his way he saw a friend of his whose car had developed a fault by the road side with his heavily pregnant wife, apparently they were on their way to the hospital. He(the stranded friend) was happy to see his old time and assumed God must have brought him to rescue them from this predicament. The condition of the woman required urgent medical attention, as he was making his mind to take them to the hospital, his phone rang and the company that had just offered him a job called him to come back immediately to sign an important document.



The guy was at dilemma. He wanted to help, but now he just received a call to come back, and besides, the car doesn’t belong to him. But this woman needed urgent attention. Things were happening too fast, moved by the pain of his friend’s wife he decided to release the car. He had no time to tell his friend that he borrowed the car from a friend.


They got to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that the woman was due for delivery. And if they didn’t arrive on time the woman would have developed some complications. He paced up and down the aisle of the hospital as the woman was whisked to the delivery room. About an hour later, the good news came, his wife had delivered of a bouncing baby boy, their first child. He was overwhelmed with joy, in the midst of the euphoria he forgot that he had borrowed his friend’s car.

Meanwhile, the other guy had signed the document and was about calling his friend(whose wife had just put to bed) when he realized that he didn’t have his number on his new phone.

It was getting late, the friend who owned the car called his friend to know his whereabouts,but he was speechless. He summoned up courage to explain what happened to him. “So where his your friend now” He asked. “Honestly, I don’t know, I thought I have his phone number on my new phone but I couldn’t find it” Replied pathetically.


After two hours, the father of the new born decided to call his friend but he was calling his old number he had with him. He couldn’t reach him. So he decided to drive back to the spot where they had met earlier. On his way, maybe, because of many things going through his mind, he broke the traffic rule. He didn’t stop when the red light was on.


Unfortunately, the police accosted him, all his pleas fell on their dead ears. They asked him to follow them to the station in his car. However, on their way to the station, they ran into an accident scene, it was a serious but not fatal accident. The police decided to help. They quickly parked the victims into the car and headed for the hospital.


Incidentally, the hospital they moved the accident victims to was the hospital the man’s wife had put to bed a couple of hours ago. It was there the police found out that the man had told them the truth that his wife had just been put to bed. They left the victims to the care of the doctors and also left the poor man go to attend to his wife.


It was now getting late, all efforts to reach him by the friend who gave him the borrowed car had proved abortive. He lamented to have borrowed a friend a car a friend borrowed him. He was also thinking that the friend who borrowed him a car might lose confidence in him…thoughts and more thoughts bombarded his weary soul.


Meanwhile, his friend was also worried. The day had been hard on him already but for the joy of a new born. He decided to drive back to the spot where his car had developed a fault again and quietly prayed that nothing would go wrong on the way. However, on his way…


He saw a young girl in a school uniform crying beside the road. He was moved to see such a beautiful girl by the road side all by herself. He decided to help though that might land him into another trouble. He stopped and walked up to the young girl to find out what the problem was. “Daddy, Mum, I can’t find them. They didn’t come to pick me after school”


The girl who had waited for her parents to come and pick her after school like they usually did, had decided to walk home by herself. Now she has missed the road.


“Where is your house?” The man asked. “6, Favour Crescent” the poor girl replied. Luckily for the girl, the man had a friend around Favour Crescent. So, he decided to drive the girl home. While driving the girl home, the doctor called that they needed his attention in the hospital immediately.

“Ha” the man sighed.” My little friend my wife had just put to bed today the doctor needs my attention immediately at the hospital, once I see him I will drive you home ok. Please don’t cry you will be fine. Ok.” he told the young girl

Things would have gone fine, but the parents of the missing girl had reported the case at the police station and the picture of the girl had been displayed at the 5′ O clock evening news. The police were out at the various check points. This man was not so lucky, he ran into one of the police men who asked him to stop. “Are you the father of this girl?” The police man asked. “No I…I…” Before he could complete the sentence, the police man had entered into the car and asked him to turn to their station.


Hmmmm… his wife was in the hospital and he thought of the borrowed car and now he’s been accused of kidnapping a girl.


“Prayer works” He remembered that his Pastor usually said that before beginning his sermon. So, he bowed his head and whisper “Dear Lord turn this for your glory. Bring me out of this” That was the only words he could utter when the police man in the car received a phone call “Yes, I have arrested the culprit and we are on our way to the station”
“Me a culprit, oh Lord, bring me out of this” he soliloquized.



On getting to the station, the parents of the girl had already arrived at the station. The first thing the father of the girl noticed was that the Car coming into the station was the car he has been looking for! My car! My car! He shouted as the car moved to the parking lot. The young girl could recognize the voice of her Dad and she too was shouting “Dad! Dad! Dad!”


The man didn’t know what was going on, “My car! My car! My Dad! My Dad!”


The police was about taking the accused man to the counter when the friend who borrowed him the car walked into the station because his friend had informed him of the latest development of the missing girl. He was surprised to see his friend at the station, “Where his your wife, what are you doing here?”
“It’s a long story buddy” he replied.


It was obvious now to the man who owned the car that the friend his friend borrowed his car was the one the police had arrested…


Mr police, please let him go. The guy looked at his friend and said “My missing car had returned my missing daughter. I learnt today that a day committed into the hand of God can go “rough” but will never go wrong”



About the Author

Felix A. Duyilemi is a Greatness and Leadership Coach who specializes in helping people create extraordinary results by becoming aware of their infinite potential. He is the creator of  1000X Results Coaching Program, a Coaching Program designed to skyrocket your results.


Felix A. Duyilemi has written over 15 books and giving more than  5000 talks on subjects ranging from Success Ideation, Mindset, Leadership and Potential Maximization. His latest book is “How to Monetize Your Brain.”


When he’s not learning, or coaching or speaking, he’s at home enjoying the company of his amazing family!

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