Don’t Underestimate yourself; Release Your Ideas.


  Don’t Underestimate Yourself; Release Your Ideas You are bigger than you think you are —Felix A. Duyilemi   I remember many years ago when I used to belittle myself. My thought lines were along: “I am not good enough.” ” I am not smart enough. ” “I am not tall enough!” “Who will read my books if I write books.”   I have those silly thoughts for a long while until I fired them […]

5 Steps to Personal Transformation


    5 Steps to Personal Transformation: Felix A. Duyilemi   Welcome to the University of Success. Today, we are looking at personal transformation.   Personal transformation is about bringing changes into your life in amazing ways.   Have you met some people, a few years ago, who were poor, timid, apprehensive, and uncertain about life, but today are ebullient, enthusiastic, radiant, and optimistic about life. What happened?   Personal transformation.   Those people re-engineer […]

What is Good Leadership? Felix Duyilemi


What is good leadership?   Have you worked with certain leaders before and you loved to stay with them forever if given the chance?   Have you met certain leaders also, and they left you with negative feelings, maybe the way they made you feel or talk to their employees?   Leaders are common, good leadership is uncommon.   What are the elements that make for good leadership? I imbed them in the acronym L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P […]

How to Improve Your LEADERSHIP In One Easy Lesson


  How to Improve Your LEADERSHIP In One Easy Lesson     Are you a leader? Okay. I agree. If you are here reading this article, you must be a leader or aspire to be one.   Leadership is a skill. A learned skill. You can be a great leader or an average leader depending on your learning quotient.   There are many ways to improve your leadership, but I am going to focus on […]