Revealed: A New Way To Start An Online Business


        Revealed: A new way to start an ONLINE BUSINESS with EASE (sponsored)   In this online course you will  learn a new way to launch an online business with ease.      The old way: – build an email list – run a survey on your list – create an online course   Related course: How to MAKE 60k ONLINE in 4 weeks doing this… The new way: – talk to […]

Financial Freedom…In 3 Steps


Financial Freedom…In 3 Steps by Grace Agada Image source: Internet One of the major roadblocks to financial freedom is to depend on a source of income that can barely sustain you. When you have limited amounts of income there are only two things you can do. The first thing is to reduce your expenses. And the second thing is to earn more income. Reducing your expenses will not make you rich as there is only […]

Vision: A short poem


  Vision sees the invisible Embraces uncertainties Defies limits Creates new realities Vision connects the bridges Turns ordinary men to extraordinary men. Visionaries change the world! If you can SEE it, you can SEIZE it, and CEASE to be it.   What do you see?

You Are An Investor


You Are An Investor Every morning around 5:30 a.m  my wife and I usually jog some few kilometers away from our house. As we jog around, we see others too who are jogging, and encourage one another. But, as early as this time, we also see some guys smoking and abusing drugs. While we were out investing in our bodies and minds generating the right energy for the day, this other set of people were […]