Apostle Joshua Selman’s 20 Most Famous Quotes

1. “The only entity capable of making men know God is the Holy Spirit.”
2. “Worship is a ladder in the Spirit.”
3. “If Worship did not change you then you did not worship.”
4. “Spiritual growth is not determined by your longevity.”
5. “The display of the gifts of the Spirit is never an accident.”
6. “The true secret of success lies in your understanding of kingdom mysteries.”
7. “You become a physical reflection of your most dominant thoughts.”
8. “Challenges are proof that your current mental state has stretched its capacity.”
9. “The pain obtained from the place of failure Will preserve your success.”
10. “The epicenter of dominion is wealth.”
11. “One of the keys of great people is their disloyalty to any information that does not produce results.”
12. “We win in life by strategies.”
13. “Genuine knowledge brings liberation.”
14. “Action is the bridge between problems and testimonies.”
15. “Respect success, it comes by principles.”
16. “Human beings are not stupid. They will never stay where does not work.”
17. “The realm of the spirit is higher than intellect, but it needs intellect as a ladder to climb.”
18. “Spiritual empowerment is another key to efficiency in ministry.”
19. “If you only stop at intellect, you will only raise educated people, and not spiritual people.”
20. “If a territory is not paying attention to you, it is a message for you to upgrade.”

Which of these quotes do you like most?

Mine is #20. 

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