A Top Business Executive Reveals His Top Secrets For Career Acceleration (Interview)

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A Top Business Executive Reveals His TOP SECRETS FOR Career Acceleration

It was Anthony Robbins who said, “Success leaves clues.” People who got to the top have certain habits and attitude that enable them to make it when thousands of others fell by the side way.

One of such rare fellows is Engr. Diya Adeleke. He is a man of passion and incredible desire to see people under him grow and become the best they can be. Having spent over 17 years in Oil and Gas Industry, Engr. Diya Adeleke is now one of the top Executives at the OVH, Energy.

In this interview he reveals his top secrets for CAREER ACCELERATION. Enjoy!

Can we meet you sir?

My name is Engr. Diya ADELEKE.

I was born on August 24th. I had all my education in the city of Ibadan except post graduate studies.

Primary education: St. John’s Catholic Primary School, Eleta Ibadan.

Secondary education: Ibadan Grammar School,

Tertiary education both in The Polytechnic, Ibadan and University of Ibadan.

I am married with Kids. I love plantain and banana.

What will you say was the turning point in your life?

The turning point was the day I decided to become great in life. I took that decision when I saw some old alumni’s in my former secondary school, Ibadan Grammar School on March 31st, 1990. I saw some great men, I decided right there to follow the path of greatness.

You have been in the Oil and Gas Industry for the past 17 years, what are the major lessons you have learnt?

The first can be found in 1 Timothy 6:6. That is, Godliness with contentment is a great gain.

Second is that you must be discipline in ALL ramifications of life. If, you are not disciplined you cannot go far. Look at Samson, He lost all because of lack of discipline.

Third be focused and be distinct in ALL you do.

Fourth, Ensure your emotional intelligence is in order. You will greatly need it.

You are now in the top Executive in your organization, what will you tell the neophytes (and those who are looking up to you)?

Don’t chase after money, if you do your career will be cut short even before you commence. Create value and money will flow in freely. The word discipline cannot be over emphasized, without it you cannot go far. Examples are bound of people that lost ALL , because they are not disciplined.

If you were to list the principles you live by, how will you categorize them in the order of their importance?

God first, Proverb 3:5-6 clearly states it.

I called it 3-Ds

Discipline, Determination and Dedication

Discipline without it you can’t go far.

Determination in this life there will be trials but stay there do not bulge.

Diligent go extra miles in ALL you do. Whatever your hands find to do. Please, do it with your might.

What roles has reading played in your career acceleration?

Reading is leveler. Readers are leaders. If you want to lead to tomorrow I encourage you to read well today.

Read and read well. You cannot over read. I read at least a book a week. That translates to over 600 books in the last 10 years. Books on Money, Management, Personal development, Investment, Leadership, Psychology all aspect of life. If you don’t read you are not better that an illiterates. I encourage to read and vastly too.

I recommend these for a starter.

Rich dad Poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki

The Richest man in Babylon by George Clason

The Automatic Millionaire by David bach

Parable of dollar by Sam Adeyemi.

Ensure you don’t just read but buy a copy and keep. Start your personal library too.

Do you have a mentor? Is mentoring importance in ascending career ladder?

Yes. In every aspect of life.

Spiritually ————————–Pastor T.D .Jakes.

On life generally——————-Jim Rohn

Personal Finance——————Robert Kiyosaki.

On leadership———————-John Maxwell

On sales and marketing———–Brian Tracy.

I recommend his book EAT THAT FROG by Brian Tracy to anyone that want to learn discipline.

When you exit your organization, what will you want to be remembered for?

The man that showed people how to do with ease what they thought was impossible.

You are a family man, how have you been able to manage work-family conflicts?

There is work-life balance. In fact, after God the next is family and then career. Endeavour to have a balance. I deliberately create time for my family. My Saturday is strictly for my kids. Teaching them life lesson and arithmetic

Create time for God, for relaxation, for vacation and reading of course.

Ten years from now, what milestones will you still like to cover?

I want to be a voice to reckon with in Nigeria economy. I want to be leading / showing people on how easy it is to put their Personal finance in order.

Do you have any favourite quote?

The best is yet to come.

What are your final words to my readers across the world

In everything you do put God first. Be diligent, be disciplined, follow your course.

Thanks for your time, sir.

Thanks for having me Sir.

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