Monday Morning and New Week Blessings

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Felix A. Duyilemi is the Senior Pastor of Christ Classic Int’l Ministries and the world’s #1 Greatness and Leadership Coach who specializes in helping people create extraordinary results by becoming aware of their infinite potential. He is the creator of  1000X Results Coaching Program, a Coaching Program designed to skyrocket your results.

Felix A. Duyilemi is the author of the Award-winning book, “How to Borrow God’s Brain to Succeed” and other top-rated books and has giving more than  5000 talks on subjects ranging from Success Ideation, Mindset, Leadership and Potential Maximization. His latest book is “How to Monetize Your Brain.”

When he’s not learning, or coaching or speaking, he’s at home enjoying the company of his amazing family!Reach him at [email protected]

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