Jul 13, 2023
20 Terrific Morning Affirmations to Start Your Day

20 Terrific Morning Affirmations to Start Your Day!

Affirmations are positive statements that draw the flow of the universe to you. What you affirm you make real in your life.

Many years ago, Dr. Coule recorded phenomenal success in his medical practice by telling his patients to affirm, ” Day by Day in every way I am getting better and better.”

Words create images in your subconscious mind the seat of your mental power.Words create images in your subconscious mind the seat of your mental power. Click To Tweet

Do you want to have a terrific day, start with these 20 terrific morning affirmations:

1. This is God’s Day. This is a good day! Everything I do today is a remarkable success!

2. My thoughts are God’s thoughts today. My results are God’s results.

3. I make the right and perfect decisions today and I am divinely guided to the right places.

4. Everything I do today prosper and Succeed.

5. I am magnetic, compelling, and attractive today!

6. I think only the right thoughts. I see only the right things. I make only the right moves today!

7. My activities today are blessed. I see new ways to achieve my goals.

8. I attract today all the resources I need for my next level.

9. My life and affairs are characterized by peace, law, and order.

10. I meet wonderful people today, read wonderful books, and hear only wonderful things.

11. I make significant contributions to my organization today and I am spectacularly recognized

12. Money flows to me today easily, abundantly, and amazingly

13. Every man I meet today is a golden link in my overall good

14. I am healthy, successful, powerful, and prosperous today

15. I see new ways to make an impact and money today.

16. I take bold, powerful, and courageous steps today that lead to amazing results.

17. My Services are in great demand today all over the world.

18. I am attracting new opportunities and platforms to use my talents and gifts today in the highest form

19. Sudden wonderful surprises happen in my life today!

20. This is a great day! This is a wonderful day! Amazing wonders and miracles are my lot today!


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Wow! What a way to charge yourself as you start your day!

If you need the audio/Video version of these affirmations, send a request  HERE. The audio version will help you to listen while taking your bath, shaving, or driving to work.

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PS: Trust this blessed you. Let me know you were here by living a comment in the comment box.


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