Oct 4, 2022
Start Your Own Business: Bob Proctor(Guest Post)


Starting Your Own business

By Bob Proctor

The other day I was talking with a young man who will graduate from
university next month.
He was having a very difficult time making a
decision with respect to his future employment. What would he do? Where would he go?
On and on the questions flowed. However, the answers were escaping him.


I began by asking him how he wanted to live, and where he wanted to live.
Then I asked how much he wanted to earn. The amount he wanted to earn was considerably more than 99 percent of the companies in the country would offer, if they
decided to employ him.
Then I asked, “Why don’t you start your own company? Work for yourself.”
I suggested every company in the world was started by someone. If they could do it, he
could, too.
His reply was a blank stare. Then slowly he said, “I never thought of that.”
I replied, “There are millions of people in the country and every one of them has
needs. Think of what those needs are, then which one you would most enjoy filling.”
For some strange reason, as a people, we seem to think a person must be a certain age
before they can start a business of their own.
That idea has no foundation. It’s ridiculous!
Age has nothing to do with starting a business. Courage, ambition, and a sincere desire to
serve others are all that are required. You may be eighteen or eighty.



I read where Kemmons Wilson built a chain of hotels—Wilson Inns. Mr. Wilson was eighty years old. He had retired and became bored. By the way, he is the originator of Holiday Inns.

Young Tim Dorchuk of Burlington, Ontario, at nineteen years of age, is a self-made millionaire. He started his own business at the age of twelve.

Experience . . . you will get it. Money . . . you will attract it. Make a decision, find a need, and fill it. Your age should not be a consideration.


Apathy can be overcome by enthusiasm, and enthusiasm can only be aroused by two things: first, an ideal, which takes the imagination by storm, and second, a definite intelligible plan for carrying that ideal into
practice. What would life be if we had no courage to attempt and follow our dreams?
 Unleashing the Power Within: A Paradigm Shift Towards Success
In the vast theater of life, you are not mere actors reciting scripts handed to us; we are the playwrights, the directors, and the stars of our own epic dramas. Yet, too often, we find ourselves confined within the boundaries of our thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions – this is what we call our paradigm.
But let me tell you something profound: within this paradigm lies the immense power to transform our lives, to manifest the unimaginable, and to touch the zenith of success.
Understanding the Paradigm: Your Mental Operating System
Imagine your mind as a sophisticated computer, programmed with beliefs, habits, and perceptions that have been ingrained since your earliest days.
This mental operating system, your paradigm, influences every decision, action, and outcome in your life.
It’s the invisible force shaping your reality. But here’s the secret: you have the power to reprogram it.
The Paradigm Shift: Rewriting Your Story
A paradigm shift is not just a change; it’s a revolution, a seismic transformation from limitation to boundless potential.
It starts within your mind, where the seeds of success are sown. The first step is awareness – becoming conscious of the limiting beliefs that have held you captive.
Recognize that you are not your past failures, your current circumstances, or your self-imposed limitations. You are a magnificent being with infinite potential.
The Power of Affirmation and Visualization: Shaping Your Destiny
Affirmations are the keys to unlock your subconscious mind. By affirming your goals, dreams, and desires with unwavering belief, you send powerful signals to the universe.
“I am successful.
I am prosperous.
I am deserving of all the abundance life offers.”
Speak these words with conviction, for they are the blueprints of your reality.
Coupled with affirmations, visualization is the canvas upon which you paint your dreams. See yourself living your ideal life – feel the emotions, breathe in the success, and let every detail crystallize in your mind.
Your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between reality and imagination; it simply believes what you feed it. So, feed it a vision of success.
Taking Inspired Action: The Key to Manifestation
A paradigm shift without action is like a ship without a sail – it may have direction, but it won’t reach its destination.
Action is the bridge between imagination and reality. Take inspired, consistent action towards your goals.
Break them down into smaller, achievable steps, and celebrate each milestone as a victory.
Remember, every journey begins with a single step, and every dream is realized through persistent effort.
Embracing Gratitude and Positivity: The Fuel of the Universe
Gratitude is the magnetic pull that attracts abundance into your life. Be thankful for what you have, and watch how the universe bestows upon you even more.
Positivity is your shield against negativity – let it be your default state. A positive mind finds solutions; a negative mind finds problems. Choose your thoughts wisely, for they shape your reality.
In Conclusion: Your Time to Soar
As you embark on this transformative journey of paradigm shift, remember this: you are not alone. The universe conspires in your favor, aligning circumstances, opportunities, and people to support your dreams.
Believe in yourself, trust the process, and never underestimate the power of your mind.
Your success story is not written in the stars; it’s etched in your beliefs, your actions, and your unwavering faith. Dare to dream, dare to believe, and dare to take action.
The world is waiting for the brilliance only you can bring. It’s your time to soar, to achieve, and to become the living embodiment of your wildest dreams.
To your paradigm shift and boundless success


Bob Proctor is a foremost prosperity teacher and founder Proctorgallagherinstitute

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