Mar 18, 2022
Don’t Underestimate yourself; Release Your Ideas.


Don't Underestimate Yourself

Don’t Underestimate Yourself; Release Your Ideas

You are bigger than you think you are

—Felix A. Duyilemi


I remember many years ago when I used to belittle myself. My thought lines were along:

“I am not good enough.”

” I am not smart enough. ”

“I am not tall enough!”

“Who will read my books if I write books.”


I have those silly thoughts for a long while until I fired them all!

I gained my freedom from this limiting mindset in the year 2007 when I wrote my first book. I eventually did what I thought I couldn’t do.

It was liberating for me.

What was more liberating was the discovery that people need what I have. The book sold out within the first two years!

I received calls from far and wide from readers who were eager to tell me how my book changed their lives!

I was flabbergasted!

From that time on, I decided I will never place a limit on my ability. I will honour my talent and refuse to be apologetic for my personal greatness.


Perhaps, you are where I was a few years ago, and you are feeling incompetent or unfit to express the yearning in your heart. You can receive your freedom today.


Let me tell you this; you have what the world needs. And you will never know how far you can go, and how great you can become until you start.

Stop telling yourself what you can’t do, start doing what you know you can do.

Do you love to write? Write!

Ignore the false idea that nobody wants what you want to say.

Let nobody tell you you came too late and the market is already saturated.


About 3 years ago a reader of my blog wrote to me and said, “Today, I was thinking of committing suicide, I stumbled on your blog, and you saved my life.” Can anything beat that! 

My blog saved a soul from early grave.


Never underestimate the impact of your ideas. Look at Facebook, Tittok, LinkedIn, Instagram, twitter, and other social media, they were mere ideas a few years ago.


Until 2004 nobody knew Facebook, today about 3 billion people are on Facebook! Talk of the power of an idea !

What would have happened if Mark Zuckerberg had allowed one silly thought to suffocate that powerful idea?


I don’t believe you are reading this by a coincidence, you are here at the right time. There is something in you. You have a message for this generation. Whatever it’s, bring it out.


Forget about perfection, produce now, perfect later.

Be comfortable with making mistakes.

Fail. Get up and keep going.

Your gifts get better with use.


Stop limiting yourself, let today be the first day you stop existing and start living!

PS: Let’s talk, what has been your major excuse for not doing what you know you should be doing? Leave your comment in the comment box

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Felix DuyilemiFelix A. Duyilemi is a Pastor, Leadership, and Greatness Coach. He is the award-winning author of “How to Borrow God’s Brain To Succeed” and other international bestsellers. When he’s not learning, or writing, he’s out speaking and coaching or taking time out with his family. You can reach him through email at [email protected]

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