How to Improve Your LEADERSHIP In One Easy Lesson


How to Improve Your LEADERSHIP In One Easy Lesson



Are you a leader? Okay. I agree. If you are here reading this article, you must be a leader or aspire to be one.


Leadership is a skill. A learned skill. You can be a great leader or an average leader depending on your learning quotient.


There are many ways to improve your leadership, but I am going to focus on one easy lesson in this article. If you focus on doing this one thing, your leadership capacity will improve.


What’s this lesson?




 “The first duty of love is to listen.” Paul Tillich



As a leader I know it’s tempting to always want to talk. Why? Because you have a healthy value for your opinions. You want to correct this, and adjust that. You want to have the final say on issues to assert your leadership.




But that path will limit your leadership. Average leaders look, good leaders talk but great leaders listen.
When you are talking, you are not knowing more than you already knew. But when you listen, you learn and grow more.


What’s more? You understand your points from a wider angle. You also give the people you lead a sense of dignity and honour.
Your followers feel great when you listen to them.


Here is how to put this lesson to practice:



Be the last person to talk in Meetings.


Listen to all. Let your people debate the matters, offer their opinions and suggestions, look at grey areas in the solutions suggested, and let them own the decisions reached. Then you summarize their various points and point them in the direction to go.

When you allow your people to talk you may be amazed that some of them have better ideas than you do!


“Listening is an art that requires attention over talent, spirit over ego, others over self.” Dean Jackson


Listen to “Common People” People in your organization

By common people, I mean security guards, cleaners, and office assistance. In my opinion, these people know a lot. They might not have academic or cognitive intelligence, they have native intelligence.



One time I was talking with a security guard of a certain company, I was amazed at the volumes of information this guy has about the company. This is a man the CEO will ordinarily never sit down and talk with.



You see, the secrets to your company turnaround might be in the hands of the cleaners or the guy at the gate.
Listen to them. Have regular meetings with the “commoners” in your organization. They will feel great and be willing to share certain concerns with you.


Ask them about their welfare, family, and other things.

 “Listening to others viewpoints may reveal the one thing needed to complete your goals.” D. Ridgley

Listen to Your Family

Your wife and children provide you immediate learning environment. Learn from them.


It’s easy to be carried away by the sound of your voice. It’s when you listen well that you are in the position to help, train, and coach.


When you have the opportunity to choose between listening and talking, choose the former. As your listening capacity increases, your leadership capacity will improve.


“Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you would have rather talked.” Mark Twain

Who do you need to listen to today?


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About the Author

Felix A. Duyilemi is a Pastor, Leadership, and Greatness Coach. He is the award-winning author of “How to Borrow God’s Brain To Succeed” and other international bestsellers. When he’s not learning, or writing, he’s out speaking and coaching or taking time out with his family. You can reach him through email at [email protected]

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