Mar 4, 2021
The Positive Power of Believing In Yourself.

Felix Duyilemi

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

Thomas A. Edison.


What have they called you?


·Albert Einstein  was called a good for nothing boy.

·Les Brown was tagged mentally retarded.

·Walt Disney was judged to lack creativity

·Thomas Edison was called a dunce

·Winston Churchill was told he would never amount to anything.

·Billy Graham was told nobody would ever hear of his name.



However, these people succeeded against the predictions of the negative thinking experts. When nobody believed in them, they believed in themselves.


When Steve Harvey was in Junior School, his teacher asked them to write what they would like to become in the future, Steve wrote down that he would like to be on TV.


Instead of encouraging him, his teacher was furious and told him to write something “More realistic.”


Today, Steve Harvey is a premier Comedian, best-selling author and the host of the Steve Harvey Show. If that teacher is still alive today, he might as well bite his tongue each time he tunes his TV set and sees Steve Harvey Live!


He doesn’t matter what anybody have told you or written about you, the only person that can stop you is you. Don’t trade your future away based on the experiences of your past. The truth is nobody can really see your potential until you start using it.


I saw a friend recently – we both graduated from the same University- while talking, he mentioned that he has heard a lot about my books and that he’s been really inspired by my life. I thanked him.


“You see” he said, “While in School, I never really thought much about you- to me you are just like any other ordinary student- until I read one of your books and that changed my perception of you”


The truth is this guy had a wrong perception of me. He didn’t think much of me because he hasn’t seen all of me.


He has only interacted with the “ordinary” part of me so he thought I wasn’t beyond ordinary.


Maybe, your friends, family, or spouse haven’t thought much about you because they have only seen the ‘ordinary’ part of you, it’s time you showed them that there is more to you than what they have seen or known.



You have a great potential to achieve extra-ordinary things in life, if only you believe in yourself.


Take for instance your brain is made of billions and billions of intricate and complex network of neurons and synapses with unlimited capacity to accomplish amazing feat- if only you will put it to task.


Right now, you have an unlimited potential to become a best-selling Author, accomplished Musician, Consummate Entrepreneur, 6-figure public Speaker, Extra-ordinary clergyman, global scientist, international diplomat and so on.


You are simply un-limited. Believe it.

 When you start believing in yourself a whole new world will open to you.

You will draw on your innate potentials that have been buried in the grave of your low self-esteem, insecurity, and fear.


People, resources, and situations will rise up to welcome your new personality. You will welcome challenges like a champion and deal with them with confidence inspired by the awareness of your unlimited potential.


Only you can limit how far you go in life.


  Maybe it’s true you might have grown up with fragile or weak self-esteem based on your childhood experiences.


Maybe you have parents who talked you down or failed to nurture your self-esteem.


Your High School Teacher might have called you names because you failed a simple arithmetic. Or maybe you have certain disability that didn’t make you popular with girls or boys- all this could have negatively impacted your self-esteem.


However, as true as these facts may appear, nothing can damage you permanently if you don’t surrender to it.


There is this mistake many of us make and this is it: the belief that other people are better than us. We tend to have more confidence in others than we have in ourselves.


The truth is nobody is better than you. That doesn’t make you to become arrogant or cocky. You don’t need to be intimated by other people abilities. You have yours.


Maybe you can’t paint like Michelangelo, or write like Shakespeare but there is something that only you can do very well.


You are simply unique and original.


Nobody can do what you have been wired for better than you. That is why you need to have confidence in your own ability. You need to start believing in yourself.


I want you today to write boldly on a sheet of paper now: I BELIEVE IN MYSELF. I CAN DO IT. I HAVE ABILITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! SUCCESS IS IN MY DNA!


Let’s talk: Why do you think many people don’t believe in themselves? Please, leave your thought. Thank you.




Duyilemi A. Felix loves learning, reading and writing. He focuses his energy on learning important life principles and he teaches what he learns through books, seminars, media, churches and in corporate organizations. Reach him via [email protected].

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One thought on “The Positive Power of Believing In Yourself.

  1. People don't believe in themselves because they don't see any
    thing special or outstanding in themselves

  2. A good number of people don't believe in themselves because they
    have given so much credit to naysayers and low lifers. As a result, they
    become too weak to tap into their God given potentials and talents. They
    become satisfied with the ordinary version of who they are…there is so
    much more to every single individual God made. It's our
    responsibility to find out our Veritable MORE! Thank you Dr Felix for
    your brilliant expositions.

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