February Business Success Tips


1. Results do not come just by working in your business alone, results come by working outside your business: your customers.

Always think about how do we get new customers/clients= lead magnetization, and how do we maximize the values of our existing clients= upsell.

2. Results do not come by solving your problems alone, results come by exploring your new opportunities.

If you want your business to merely survive, concentrate on solving problems, if you want it to thrive explore new opportunities.

3. Dedicate at least 80 % of your resources to exploring opportunities, dedicate 20 % of it to solving your existing problems, so that 20% of your new opportunities can solve 80% of your old problems.

4. Identify your top 20% results-producing efforts and dedicate 80 % of your time to it. Identify your top 20 % customers)/clients and sell your top 80 % profit-yielding services/products to them.

5. Coach your management and staff to focus their mental energy on results, not on problems. Create the image of success in the minds of everybody in your organization.

I wish you a blessed Fe-bru-ary

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Felix Duyilemi

The world #1 Greatness Coach.


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