Dec 22, 2020
Happy Birthday Rev Tope Popoola: A leader extraordinaire

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

—Jack Welch

Many years ago I used to read a motivational column in one of Nigeria ‘s popular newspapers. It was always inspiring, motivating, educative and provocative. I looked forward to it every Tuesday.

I started falling in love with the Author of this column. I admired his power of words, his extraordinary repertoire of knowledge, the depth of his analysis, and extreme desire to see people grow and unleash their inherent greatness. He famously signs out in every of his masterpiece with, “Remember, the sky is not the limit, God is!”

I love it. I wanted to know this man more. It became one of my dream to one day meet this man. ..I put the law of attraction in motion!

My dream became a reality one day when I heard this man was coming for Leadership meeting a few yards away from my house! I couldn’t be more excited! I was in the meeting. I listened with undiluted attention, I wanted to distill his rich content, and conceptualize his philosophies, some of which were new and refreshing to me.

Fast forward, few years later, this man has become a Father, a mentor, a coach and a friend. Rev Tope Popoola is the man! He’s not just blessing lives, he’s a blessing!

You admire some people from afar, but when you move closer, you see something else. But not Rev Tope, the more you get closer, the greater your esteem and admiration for him.

I didn’t learn just about leadership from him, I learned greatness. This man “naturalizes” greatness. No air of pomposity, no intimidating presence, no forced submissiveness…yet he carries dignity and honour.

Rev is a man of depth. If you think you know Your Bible, wait until you meet him! When he speaks, intelligent people listen.

Since knowing Rev Tope Popoola, I have never cease to wonder what kind of homo sapiens he is. He’s never intimated or envious of another man’s achievements. He’s content in himself and mission. I call him baba ” No stress! ”

I want to use this opportunity to celebrate a man of Honour, a leader of leaders, a teacher of teachers, a mentor who’s worth following. I ask God to preserve you sir to keep serving your greatness with the world.

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Happy birthday, sir!

it’s In You!

Let’s talk: Have you met Rev Tope Popoola before? What is your impression of him? Wish him a Happy birthday today! Drop your comment in the comment box. Thank you.

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