Sep 9, 2020
BE Consistent by Joyce Meyer


Be consistent

Consistency Is the Key~ Joyce Meyer.

I remember a time when I gained about ten pounds and had tried everything I could think of to lose it. My clothes were getting right; I was very uncomfortable, and I wanted to lose the weight quickly.


For a few days, I ate no fat at all. When that diet didn’t work, I ate nothing but protein. When I had no success with all-protein after a couple of days, I decided to eat only nine hundred calories per day. 


When nothing was working and I still failed to shed my extra pounds, I tried something else and finally concluded my metabolism had gone haywire and my hormones were out of whack..


As you can imagine, became frustrated.


One day, God spoke to me and said something very simple, but something I will never forget:  Consistency is the key.


Since that day, I have certainly found those words to be true. If you want to make progress in any area of your life, you need to keep doing the right thing over a period of of time. That is what consistency means.


Let me ask you: if you are not happy with with the situation you’re in now, will you make the effort to change it? Do you want to be in the same situation this time next year? Or do you want something different?


If you want to have something different, then you have to pay the price. As you move forward, you will have to make tough choices and you will come to some painful crossroads. When you reach those places, you will either run back to where you came from or you will press through.

If you press through, without giving up, then you will have victory.


This article was adapted from Joyce Meyer’s book, “Never Give Up”


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