Jun 1, 2020
Can You Write A Book in One Hour?

How To Write A Book In One How

When I read a book, I see its Author- Duyilemi A. Felix.

 My intention in this article is very simple: to make you an author. If you have ever wanted to write a book, here is a huge opportunity for you!

Don’t think you have to write several pages to become an author. In fact, you don’t even need a publisher to publish this book. You don’t need an editor to edit it. You are the writer, the publisher, the editor and the marketer of this book. It’s your book.  It’s your life book. Just write the way you like. Write it with freedom. It’s your book. It’s your story.

Let me endeavor to give you the outline for your book. Let it contain:

 A Vision Statement.

A mission statement.

A life Value Statement.

This book will become like a personal map of your life, a blueprint of some sort. The Title of this book is your name. Yes, your name.

A vision statement is a statement of your purpose in life. It should involve “what” you are created to do “how” you will do it and “where” you are created to do it. The “what” tells you the purpose, the “how” answers what channel? And the “where” defines the scope. Your vision statement should not be more than two sentences at most. It should be easy to read at a glance.

Example: Chris Lofton is a blessing to the people of Africa through medical breakthroughs that increase the lifespan of Africans to the glory of God.

The purpose:  To increase the lifespan of Africans.

The Channel:  Through medical breakthroughs or discoveries

The Scope: The continent of Africa.

The mission statement is the present tense description of the activities you undertake to accomplish your mission. Your mission statement describes what you do with your vision statement.  Your mission statement should be more elaborate;

Example, using the example of Chris Lofton’s vision statement above: I am Chris Lofton, a medical doctor; I am a specialist in neuro-surgery with several medical discoveries that have increased the lifespan of Africans by 40%. Several lives have been impacted and blessed through my skills to which I feel deeply grateful to God.

The mission statement evokes feelings; more detailed and described activities in the present tense form. That is how you should write your mission statement. This will give you the positive feelings that your vision statement is already accomplished. It’s not a description of uncertainty, but of certainty!


Your Value Statement, your personal book should also have a description of value statement. Values are what we hold dear in life. They define us. They establish our boundaries. They raise our standards. The Bible is an important book where we should get our values in life. Values like integrity, loyalty, respect for authority, punctuality, honesty, respect for spouse, fidelity and so on, are ingredients of a well lived life. I will encourage you to make your value statement descriptive. If you pick a certain quality as value, write a brief description as to why you consider that value important to you. I will show you that in my own personal book.

  HERE IS MY OWN LITTLE BOOK( I only share it with people like you!)

Book Title: Duyilemi Akindele Felix

Author;  Duyilemi Akindele Felix

Year published: June, 1st, 2020

Copyright© 2020. Duyilemi Akindele Felix

All rights reserved.


   To God in whom I live, move and have my being.


  I want to appreciate everyone reading this. Thank you.


Vision Statement: I am a blessing to the world through my ministries, books, public appearances, Radio and Television programs to the glory of God.

My Purpose: To be a blessing to the world.

My Channels: Through my ministries, books, public appearances, Radio and Television programs etc.

My Scope: The whole world (Don’t tell me that is not possible!)

My Mission Statement: Duyilemi Akindele Felix  is a successful father and husband, an international acclaimed minister of God, a best-selling Author and Adviser to heads of nations around the world. He’s the Pastor of the life-changing church, Christ Classic International Ministries, with networks of ministries around the world. His life and messages have directly affected over 3 billion people around the world! He’s indeed a colossal inspiration to the world to the glory of God.

My Value Statement:

My governing values are influenced by the Bible, here are they:

1.I AM ALWAYS POSITIVE: I always stay positive irrespective of my present situation because God’s word says “All things work together for the good of them that love God and are called according to His purpose.” I therefore remain positive in all situations knowing that I will come out at the other end with testimonies.

2.I AM ALWAYS STRIVING TO DO THE WILL OF GOD. I know that God is pleased when I do His will. I know that God’s will is best for me.

3.I WALK IN INTEGRITY. Integrity defines the quality of life. I therefore walk in integrity before God and men. I say what I meant and I meant what I say. Bible says of David that he “Shepherd with the integrity of heart and skillfulness of hands”

4.I AM A GIVER. The Bible says, “It’s better to give than to receive” I therefore endeavor to give at all times. I am constantly thinking of ways to help people around me.

5.I VALUE PEOPLE. If people are important to God, they are to me.  I therefore value people irrespective of their social statuses. I value my team and associates, listening to their opinions, praise their efforts and reward their performances.

6.I AM A GREAT HUSBAND. The Bible enjoins husbands to love their wives. I give myself selflessly to my wife, endeavor to protect her, care for her, listen to her, love her, and speak the truth to her in love.

7.I AM A GREAT FATHER. The Bible says that God chose Abraham because He knew he would lead his children in the way of the Lord. I am a role model to the children God has given me. I will protect them, provide for them and guide them in the way of the Lord.

8.I AM A LEARNER. The Bible says I should study to show myself approved unto God. I am consistently and continuously giving myself to study, improving myself on daily basis and taking courses to better my life.

9.I AM A SERVANT LEADER. Jesus said “He that will be great among you must be your servant.” I know that the pathway to a great leadership is through service. I therefore lead as a servant not as boss to the people God has given me the privilege to lead.

10.I VALUE TIME. Time is non-renewable resource, therefore, I will make the most of my time, prioritize first thing first, set goals and achieve them and use time to fulfill my God’s given purpose on earth.

11.I RESPECT MY PARENTS. I am giving back to my parents the love, care, protection and opportunities I have enjoyed through them. The Bible says when we honour our parents; we will live long on earth.

12.I AM DILLIGENT. I am applying myself to my calling, ensuring to make my calling and election sure. The Bible says, “If a man is diligent, he will stand before kings”

13.I AM DISCIPLINED. Like Paul, “I take authority over my body, so that after I have helped others, I myself will not be cast away.” I do things when I am supposed to do them not when I feel like doing them.

This is my little book. You don’t have to follow my life. Remember this book is unique to me. It is my dream book. It’s my assignment book. It’s my life book. This is my ideal life. I am not there yet, but this provides a blueprint for my life.

I will be waiting to read your book! Please email it to me via [email protected].



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