May 20, 2020
Inspiration to Live For Today: Mistakes

“A person who never makes mistakes never makes anything”


    -Albert Einstein 


Mistakes is the pathway to mastery. 


Whether you are learning to drive a car, mathematics or play golf, you will make mistakes. 


You will forget instructions. You will miss a few steps. You may get your fingers burnt a few times. 


You are not alone. Ask Abraham Lincoln, or Henry Ford or Thomas Edison, they would tell you that mistakes were their tutor.


 If you are afraid of making mistakes, you will never make anything.


 Makes mistakes, people may laugh at you or ridicule you…but you will grow! You will learn. You will become better.


Make mistakes your friends, not your enemy.


 Be not hard with yourself when you fail. Pick yourself up and repeat the process. 


Every person doing it well today, once do it badly.


 Even Albert Einstein once failed in Mathematics. 


Henry Ford forgot to put reverse gear in his first car.

 Thomas Edison conducted 9,999 failed experiments. 

Great men make mistakes, only that they don’t allow mistakes to make them. 


Don’t turn one bad experience into a lifetime of regrets.

If you missed it one or two times, learn the lesson, and try again. 

Let mistakes fuel your motivation to master your art.

And when people; your co-workers, friends, children, wife/husband make mistakes, give them a second chance. 

Like Mo’ne Davis said, ” Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance. ” 

Give yourself permission to be human, laugh at your mistakes!


PS: Let’s keep the conversation going…What is your most embarrassing mistakes, and what lessons do you learn from it? Drop it in the comment box!




About the Author
Duyilemi A. Felix  is a Nigeria based Life  and Business  mentor specialized in helping people grow their business by thinking differently, expand  their concept of possibilities and create new realities.

When he’s not learning new concepts, he’s writing or speaking.

 He’s also the lead pastor of Christ Classic International Ministries. Reach him at [email protected]

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