Sep 30, 2019
20 Extra-Ordinary Affirmations for Success


Looking for Affirmations for success? You are in the right place.

[ Success ] is your birthright!

Whether you want to become a successful Author, Entrepreneur, SPEAKER, Pilot o,r Anything, you can.

But to succeed, you need to train your brain to think in terms of success.

And this is where affirmations are very important. Many people have failure -proned conversations going on in their brains. Majority of people talk themselves out of success because of the negative conversation in their [subconscious minds.]

To succeed, you need to replace the negative programming in your brain to positive programming by repeating high-impact, success -induced words.


These affirmations for success will help you in [reprogramming your subconscious mind] for success.


By repeating these affirmations, your brain establishes a new neural pathway and form new engrams that will help you identify opportunities to succeed.


By repeating these affirmations, your brain establishes a new neural pathway and form new engrams that will help you identify opportunities to succeed Click To Tweet

Make these statements/affirmations preferably when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed. These  affirmations for success will help you build success mindset, success habits and increase your success motivation.

Here are 20 extra-ordinary affirmations for success to supercharge your brain!

1. I can succeed. I will succeed. I am a success!

2. I deserve to be successful!

3. Everything I touch prosper!

4. I move from one level of success to another level seamlessly!

5. Success is my signature. Everything I do turns  out well.

6. My business and other intinterests succeed and prosper!

7. I believe in my ability to succeed. I trust myself!

8. I doubt my doubts and fire my fears!

9. I go for gold I never settle down for less!

10. Miracles are normal daily occurrence in my life!

11. I’m a blessing to every man that comes my way, every man that comes my way is a blessing to me!

12. I make the right move every time!

13. I attract successful people easily!

14. Life is phenomenal! I am having my best time now!

15. I deserve the best. I attract the best. The best is attracted to me now!

16. Success is in my DNA!

17. I find easy solutions to complex problems.

18. I am irresistible! People find me attractive!

19. I always look forward to a better day!

20. I am happy! I am rich! I am healthy! I am fabulous!

Make these affirmations for success daily and your life will move from Ok to Wow!!!


Now you have both the key to success and secret of success, use it every day to empower yourself for success in life.



I hope this blog article has been helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Felix A. Duyilemi is the world’s #1 Greatness and Leadership Coach who specializes in helping people create extraordinary results by becoming aware of their infinite potential. He is the creator of  1000X Results Coaching Program, a Coaching Program designed to skyrocket your results.

Felix A. Duyilemi is the author of the Award-winning book, “How to Borrow God’s Brain to Succeed” and other top-rated books and has giving more than  5000 talks on subjects ranging from Success Ideation, Mindset, Leadership and Potential Maximization. His latest book is “How to Monetize Your Brain.”

When he’s not learning, or coaching or speaking, he’s at home enjoying the company of his amazing family!

Reach him at [email protected]

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