Jul 8, 2019

Business Retreat

Thinking of attending a Seminar soon? Here is one you can’t afford to miss

What do businesses need today? 

A new way of thinking that opens a door they didn’t even know existed. A way of thinking that seeks a solution to an intractable problem through unorthodox methods or elements that would normally be ignored by logical thinking.

Every organization faces continuous need for change and if they don’t meet that need they die! Examples are great companies like Kodak who filled for bankruptcy in 2012, Blockbuster Video became defunct in 2013, Borders one of the largest book retailers in the US went out of business in 2011, to mention but a few. Why did these companies, which once had great brands, ultimately fail? It is because they failed to adapt to change. Additionally, they failed to unlearn and relearn.
Success of yesterday is not enough, even today’s success is inadequate, great organizations continue to reinvent, reassess and come up with new concepts to stay ahead of competition and dominate their market.
This calls for new thinking and fresh thinking tools that make value creation an integral part of your organization. Thinking is the greatest activity of any progressive organization or individual. That is why Mercedes-Benz is already planning against 2039. Where will your organization be by then?
In this seminar, we will equip you with thinking strategies that will enable you to predict and design the future.Many people see the need for thinking only that they don’t think because thinking gives then headache. This seminar is aid to provide tools that make thinking fun and exciting activity.
We invite you to this 2-DAY EXECUTIVE BUSINESS RETREAT to look at the current way of running your business with completely fresh perspective. This seminar will also enable you to withdraw and evaluate your organization vision and objectives.
You will not only come out of this business Retreat equipped with powerful thinking tools but also renewed and reinvigorated with positive energy to create a better future for your organization.

This business Retreat Is For You if you are:

👉 Curious and open to learning how to become a better practical thinker.

👉Getting stuck in thinking loop, revisiting the same ideas or issues and desire to break out

👉Someone who needs to produce results and needs better alternative than currently exist.

👉Motivated to explore and develop creative alternatives.

👉Open to changing your perspective and considering more than one answer.

👉Creating new solutions to stubborn problems.

👉Want to realize opportunities that were previously neglected.

👉Want to improve conflict resolution and collaboration

👉Stay ahead of competition and dominate the market with creative ideas.

If you keep thinking the way you are thinking now, you will keep getting the same results.

As stated in the flyer, the seminar fee covers your one-night accommodation, 5 course meal and conference materials(Please, see attached for details)

I believe you want better results for your organization, that is why I want you to make this token investment now either for yourself or top officials in your company. The benefits far outweigh the cost.
We can ONLY  accommodate 30 people for this retreat and we like to hear from you immediately so that we can proceed to book your accommodation and make other logistics arrangement.

Please call us immediately or send us a mail to know your decision. Thank you so much for your time.

Accepts our compliments

‘Duyilemi A. Felix.   

Seminar Leader, best-selling Author and Certified Leadership Coach.

Telephone: +2348037516476,8055737960

Email: [email protected]      

PS: This seminar is not like any other you have attended before, what you will learn will revolutionize your life and  organization. Act now.

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Jul 5, 2019
#ONEMINUTEMOTIVATION: Duyilemi Akindele Felix

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Today’s Motivation and Inspiration

Have A Confident Expectation of good things…

Where you are today is not ALL that you are!

Your past, even your present realities, are not a reflection of your future...

God did not create you to be small…

Expect good things.

Raise your expectations.

Believe that God has a great plan for your life and He has a plan to bring that plan to pass.

Stop sweating the small stuff!

Look beyond your current bank accounts…

Look beyond current situation…

Something great is ahead of you.

Start warming up for your turn!!!

Expect a turn around.

Your expectation is the seed for your future!

Get out of self-pity.

Don’t seek sympathy.

Don’t give room for despair.

Stop complaining.

Relax. Release. Recoup!

Let your attitude be, "This too shall come to pass!"

Listen to good music!

Fill your heart with inspiration!

Dance! Release your worries…💃🕺

Rehearse your testimony ahead!

Don’t magnify your problems. Don’t broadcast it.

You will BECOME what you BEHOLD.

Stop telling people how bad it’s.

Negative attitude never births positive results.

Look forward with hope.

Believe in miracles.🙌

Expect one… Today!

Yes! I see it coming!!!!

It"s In You!!!

PS: Thank you for stopping by, let me know you are here, leave a comment before you leave. And check in tomorrow for #ONEMINUTEMOTIVATION

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