Jan 30, 2019
Service Your Mind- Victoria Umaru


Humans are no different from machines that require servicing from time to time. We use up information in our reservoirs that our minds request a refill. The interesting thing about servicing also is the fact that even if we do not use up the stored up information in our reservoirs it gets contaminated and then we will have to empty the reservoir and pour in fresh content.
A sharp machete for instance, becomes blunt whether used frequently or not. In other words, whether we use up the information in our reservoir or not we will have to be on a constant update check.

We need to service our minds for the following reasons:

Not to Go Obsolete:

Going obsolete could mean you going outdated or simply you becoming boring and spilling out clichés, to this end you need just a little bit of update to spice you up with the latest trend.

To Have Power:
Information they say is power. But of course, we cannot deny the power in this digital dispensation where information is at the beck and call of individuals and not in corporations or political affiliates alone.

If you do not have information, then you do not possess the power to become an asset. Information places you in a strategic position in any sector you find yourself.

To Stay Focused:

The right information at the right time keeps your radar fixed. If your intention is to go south while in the middle of a desert and you possess no compass, you’re simply lost. The right information will serve as a compass in that instance to guide you to your direction.

To Stay Ahead:

The sweet thing about being ahead is that you don’t need too much just a little bit of what the other person is ignorant about. No wonder athletes stick out their heads when they reach the finish line. A little bit is always the difference, never despise it. So, keeping yourself abreast with the latest information will always put you ahead of your counterparts.


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To Stay in Business:

Thank God for Bill Gates, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of them for making access to information as easy and fast as the speed of light. So this point is an information in itself; in case you are in a business and you are not yet online, you should do that first thing after you’re done reading this piece because if you don’t you’ll soon be out of business.

Let’s talk: What are you doing to service your mind? Drop your comment in the comment box. Thank you!

Victoria E. Umaru is the Seminar Facilitator and Marketing Director of Tremendous Life and Biz Consulting. She is a Public Speaker and writer by Passion. Victoria bagged bachelor’s Degree in Law from the Kogi State University.

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