Jul 26, 2018
How to Turn Your  Passion into a Business

This guide will teach you how to turn your passion into a business





Your Success is where your passion lies~~~ Felix A. Duyilemi

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What is your passion? Is it a passion to?-Write?-Sing?-travel?-teach?-compose?-organize?-plan?-create?-smile?-research?-help?-counsel ?

If you wonder what you can do with this, I want to teach you how to turn your passion into a business.

Work becomes fun when you are working on what you are passionate about.

Look around you the people who are truly fulfilled in life are people who have made their passion their career.

Brian Tracy Coaches
Anthony Robbins motivates
Shakespeare wrote books
Messi plays football
Tiger woods plays golf…
Felix Duyilemi preaches, writes and coaches
and the list goes on.

Success becomes fun when passion romances with work.

When you find your passion, you won’t look for a job again.

You don’t have to abandon your passion for the lifestyle you want.

The truth is, your passion will create the lifestyle you want!

If your passion is writing, then write. If it’s singing, sing. Whatever your passion is, that is where your blessing is.

“Your passion contains the seed to your greatness”


You can turn your passion into a business.

A man once said, when you find your vocation, you have found your vacation. When you are doing what you are passionate about you have found what really make life rewarding and fulfilling.

Your passion contains the seed to your greatness.

People like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Donald Trump and others are really into the business they are passionate about.

They do what they love and get paid doing it. The money they have is a token of reward for working on their passion.

Recently I was invited to speak at a business summit and I really enjoyed myself delivering my speech, it was awesome.

When I was paid at the end of the program, I was almost tempted to ask, “for what?” It was then it dawned on me that I was really paid for enjoying myself while sharing my passion with others.

Right now, whatever your passion is you can really be fulfilled, even financially, doing it.

Many people make the mistake of abandoning their passion so that they can make a living, what they fail to realize is that making a living should be a by-product of pursuing their passion.

If you are in a dreary job that wears you out physically, emotionally and spiritually just because you have bills to pay, you can’t really enjoy life.

If you have to wake up every Monday with a frown face and wait until Friday to say TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday), you are in a wrong job!

When you are doing what you are passionate about, you will wake up every day saying TGIT( Thank God it’s Today!). That is how to really live life maximally.

You can turn your passion into a business

You can make a business out of your passion no matter what it’s. If you like to read for instance, can you make money out of that? Decidedly yes!

You can share what you read in books, organize seminar, create a blog, edit books and even become a consultant.

If you like sports you could become a sportswriter or photographer, work in sports management. You could become a sport analyst, a coach, a manager or a team publicist.

Today you can make a living from making people laugh, dance, sing, write, design, talk or from just anything!You don’t have to endure life, you can enjoy it.

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The best way to do that is to find what you like and build a business around it. If you like sitting at home, that is not bad, don’t worry about people leaving their homes early.

Just think of what you can do from home. There is a popular blogger in Nigeria who makes lot of money from home. You can turn your passion to a business.

Think of what you can do with your passion first, the money will follow if you become good at it.

Here are my 5 Rules of Success

1. Find out What You love.

2. Find out how to make money doing what you love.

3. Get a Coach or Mentor

4. Start Doing it.

5. Don’t allow your fears to stop you.

Let’s explain this in details: 

Step 1: Find Out What You Love

Before turning your passion into a business, it’s essential to identify what truly ignites your enthusiasm.


Reflect on your interests, hobbies, and skills. Your passion is the foundation upon which your business will thrive.


Action Ideas: Dive deep into self-discovery. Assess your strengths, values, and the activities that bring you joy.

Consider taking personality assessments or engaging in introspective exercises to gain clarity about your passions. These insights will guide you in choosing a venture aligned with your authentic self.


Step 2: Explore How to Make Money Doing What You Love

Passion can be monetized in various ways. Research the market to understand how your passion aligns with existing needs or trends.


Explore different business models, from product sales to services, and assess which suits your passion best. Develop a unique selling proposition (USP) that sets your venture apart.


Action Ideas: Conduct market research and competitor analysis. Identify gaps in the market where your passion can provide unique solutions.


Investigate successful businesses in your niche to understand their strategies. Adapt and innovate, ensuring your passion aligns with market demands, ensuring sustainable revenue streams.


Step 3: Get a Coach or Mentor


A mentor or coach provides invaluable guidance. They offer insights, share experiences, and help you navigate challenges.


A mentorship relationship can accelerate your learning curve and inspire confidence in your business decisions.


Action Ideas: Seek mentors within your passion’s industry. Attend networking events, conferences, or join online communities to connect with experienced professionals.


Invest time in building meaningful relationships. Be open to learning and adapt their proven strategies to your business context.


Step 4: Start Doing It


Action is the bridge between your passion and a successful business. Start small, test your ideas, and gather feedback.


Create a minimum viable product (MVP) or offer pilot services to gauge market response. Embrace the learning process and be open to adjusting your approach based on customer feedback.


Action Ideas: Develop a detailed business plan outlining your goals, target audience, revenue streams, and marketing strategies.


Create a timeline with actionable steps. Execute your plan with enthusiasm, focusing on building a strong brand presence and delivering exceptional value to your customers.


Step 5: Overcome Your Fears

Fear of failure or the unknown can be paralyzing. Acknowledge your fears but don’t let them hinder your progress.


Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. Develop a resilient mindset, learn from setbacks, and use them as stepping stones toward your goals.


Action ideas: Cultivate a growth mindset. Embrace failures as learning experiences. Surround yourself with positive influences and like-minded individuals who uplift your spirit.


Practice mindfulness and visualization techniques to manage anxiety and maintain focus. Celebrate your achievements, regardless of size, to boost your confidence.


By connecting these steps, you create a holistic approach to turning your passion into a successful business. It’s a journey that involves self-discovery, strategic planning, continuous learning, and the courage to overcome obstacles.


Stay persistent, adaptable, and true to your passion, and you’ll transform your dreams into a thriving business reality.

If you follow this guide, you can turn your passion into a profitable business!

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