Aug 14, 2017
What My Mentor Taught Me: Lesson 3. Duyilemi A. Felix

My phone rang and I picked it, “Duyilemi, how are you doing?” It was my mentor’s voice. That was the first time he would call me. I was elated.

“Have you read the book I gave you?”

“Yes Sir” was my firm affirmation.

“Good. Then see me in the office tomorrow by 12noon”

“Ok Sir,” I responded with a million dollar enthusiasm.

By 11:30am the next day I was already in the vestibule of my Mentor’s office. This time around, the Secretary welcomed me with a look of an old friend, “You are welcome…Oga seemed to like you. You can go in once it’s 12”

“Thanks a lot” I responded with a feeling of confidence.

At exactly 12, I walked into my Mentor’s breathtaking office.

“You are welcome” was his quiet but lovely voice.

“You said, you have read the five books I told you to read, where is your note?”

And I brought out my spiral bound notebook, where I have highlighted the points I learnt from each of the books.

My Mentor look at my notes and said that word, guess? “IMPRESSIVE!”

“You have proved to me now that I can invest my time in you,” he looked at me with a look of “now you are ready for work.”

“Thank you, Sir…I promise not to let you down”

“Did you know why I asked for your notes?”

“No, Sir,” I responded.



“Now that you have passed my test, I’m ready to teach you some of the things I have learnt in the past 25 years…you have already demonstrated an appetite for learning. If you build on this, I can predict you will end up in life very great.” Said my Mentor.

“Three things Are important in life to get you started in the right direction:

1.Willingness to question assumptions

 80% of what you believe in, might be wrong. 80% of what others have told you, might be wrong.  You must be willing to question assumptions and status quo. Look at things and ask questions, including the things I tell you.


2.Follow your passion


The people who really become significant in life are passionate people. Don’t sell your passion. Don’t quench your passion. Don’t kill your passion and don’t walk away from your passion. Your passion is the key to your destiny.


3.Key Relationships


 If you want to change your life very  fast, change or improve on your key relationships.

Do you know  that the  TRINITY is composed of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and not the Father, Son and Lucifer?

Never trade your destiny for the wrong kind of people. If you want to become wise, walk with the wise. I think you have had  enough sense to look for the right people by asking me to be your mentor.

Go home and think on the three points. We will meet on Tuesday next week.” That will be all for today, see you next time.

“Thank you sir for your time,” I said  with a glowing smile on my face.

“You are welcome.” Responded my Mentor.

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