Jul 21, 2017
What My Mentor Taught Me: Lesson 2. Duyilemi A. Felix.

Dr. Duyilemi A. Felix speaking on Galaxy TV.

It was my second visit to my mentor’s office. I was excited to see him again, only that this time; I wouldn’t be seeing him as a stranger. After the first visit, my mentor had expressed his readiness to mentor me because he could see the “desire” to succeed in my face.

The day was Wednesday at exactly 12noon, I was at the reception. The Secretary looked at me and said “Are you the one that came the other time” I answered, “Yes.” “Kindly wait for 20 minutes” She said with a winning smile.

A lot of questions were running through my mind. What should I ask him today? Should I ask about finance, relationship, time management or how he became the New York Times best-selling Author? Questions, lots of it.

“You may go in now,” said the Secretary.

“Good to see you again, Duyilemi.” I was elated! “Hope you read the book I gave you?”

“Yes, Sir” was my firm affirmation.

My mentor said, “Your desire to seek for a mentor is quite noble. It shows you know where you want to go in life and you are also wise enough to look for a guide. That is a seed of greatness already in you. And I will help you develop it”

“Thank you, sir,” I replied.

My mentor cleared his throat and said “When you first entered into this office, what was it that impressed you most?”

I didn’t expect this question at all. But I have learnt earlier, that observation is the first course in the school of wisdom.

So I said, “The array of books neatly arranged in your bookshelf sir, among other things, that was what took my away my breath the first day I entered into this office”

My mentor looked at me for a few seconds and said “You have passed again. Now, you are ready for today’s lesson”

“Awesome” I said it in my mind.

“You see” my mentor relaxed back in his CEO Chair, “Knowledge is the primary requirement for an outstanding life. If you invest in knowledge today, people will invest their time and money to see you tomorrow. Before I built this organization, I first built my mind”

"Before I built this organization, I first built my mind"

He continued, “I didn’t start like this. In fact, nobody ever thought I would become anything significant in life. I started with little or no advantage in life. However, one day, everything changed for me.”

I was listening with rapt attention. I wanted to pick every word.

“After my University Education, I was jobless, homeless and wifeless (smile). I didn’t know how things will ever change. Then I went to a bookstore one day and saw one tiny book written by E. W Kenyon with the title “Signpost to Success.” That was the first inspirational book I ever read. I read the book again and again until it dawned on me that I can never be anything but a success in life.”

"I read the book again and again until it dawned on me that I can never be anything but a success in life"

“If you can invest your time in quality knowledge, Son, there are no limits for you in life”

“When you see a great man, he has read great books. Books are the maker of men”

My mentor stood up from his seat, went to his bookshelf and gave me 5 books. “Read these books, analyze them and when you are through reading them, you can come back for your Third Lesson”

"When you see a great man, he has read great books. Books are the maker of men"

Well, the titles of the books are:

– As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

–  Releasing Your Potential by Myles Munroe

–  Take the Risk by Ben Carson

–  How To Sell Your Way Through Life by Napoleon Hill

–  Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders.

“Thank you sir for your time, I’m much grateful, sir” I said.

“You are welcome. That will be all for today, see you next time”

“Thank you, sir,” I couldn’t but admire the simplicity and profundity of what this exceptional man just shared with me.  With five solid books, I knew what to do with my time!


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