Jul 19, 2017
What My Mentor Taught Me: Lesson 1 by Duyilemi A. Felix

Dr. Duyilemi A. Felix
After a long time at the reception, the Secretary called, Mr. ‘You may go in now’. It was the first day in my mentor’s office. He didn’t know me prior to that time, but I know him very well having read virtually all his books. So I was excited, like a woman following her darling husband to her dream vacation for the first time,to see this extra-ordinary man.

Wow, the office is massive, what a large array of books neatly arranged in a glass bookshelf. I was carried away with the serenity of the office until my mentor said ‘Eh, are you here for an excursion or to see me’ Sorry sir, I can’t but admire your elegant office, I said innocently.

‘So as you can see, I have so much to do today, what brought you here’
I expected that. I have learned that you shouldn’t waste your mentor’s time. Be brief and to the point.

So I said ‘Sir, you’ve been a great inspiration to me.All I have become I owe them in part to your encouraging books and messages. I am here to learn from you what make you successful’

My mentor looked at me for some few minutes before saying a word.

I was agitated not knowing what his response will be.

So he cleared his throat and said, ‘Youngman, I am impressed with you. A lot of people your age have come here to ask for money. They wanted what I have earned not what I have learned. But you desire something different. I will enrol you."

Joy swelled round my face, imagine receiving a direct mentoring from a renown inspirational speaker around the world.
So he pointed at me "You have got the first principle of success. It’s called DESIRE"

He continued, "Desire is the number one principle of success.Years ago, I remember working into my mentor’s office and asking him the same question you asked me today.He gave me the same response."

In the tone of a sage, he added, "Success begins with desire. Those who succeeded in life, simply decided they wanted to succeed.If you desire to succeed, and that desire motivate you to take appropriate steps (One of which you have taken to come here to see me) nothing on earth can stop you from Succeeding"

"That will be all for today. Here is my direct number, next time we shall continue from here."

Thank you sir for the audience and for sharing this with me, I am grateful.

"Before you go, here is my latest book entitled "The power of desire" go and read it. He autographed it and handed over the book to me…

I will be sharing with you what happened in our subsequent meetings and the impact of those meetings in my life. I hope you read It.

PS: If you will like me to inform you when I post the subsequent lessons I learnt from my mentor, kindly signify yes in the comment section. Thanks for visiting.

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