Jul 18, 2017
Excellence is a Mindset: Godman Akinlabi

Pastor Godman Akilabi

The Discovery Conference 2017 with the theme “Redefining Success” organized by the Pastor cum Manager Enoch Durotoye has come and gone. However, the experience will remain indelible in the lives of participants. Well, in my own words, it was “Awesome and life redefining.”

Here are a few highlights of powerful “thoughts” harvested from Godman Akinlabi, the lead pastor of Elevation Church, Lagos, who was the main speaker at the conference.

On Excellence

Excellence is a journey, not a destination. Excellence is a good quality in an unusual degree. It’s the quality of being outstanding. According to Godman Akinlabi, “Excellence is a mindset. Before you can produce excellent products, you have to think excellent thoughts.” Excellence is a habit. To him, “Mediocrity is the opposite excellence.” And mediocrity was defined as the quality of being satisfied with the “Minimal.”

Mediocrity comes from mental laziness. The refusal  to “Think.”  Referring to his book “The Seven Laws of Foolishness” he stated the "first law of Foolishness" as “Thou shalt Not Think.” A mediocre is easily “Overwhelmed.” There is no overwhelming situations only people who are overwhelmed by situations.

To cultivate excellence, one must aspire. Excellence is not a gift, it’s a product of desire. Excellence can be cultivated, there is no excuse to stay a mediocre.

On Earning.

Money flows in the direction of value.  When you focus on value creation you become a money magnet.

There are three ways to earn a living:

Through physical effort/energy: The least way of earning

Through Mental Effort/Energy: The higher way to earning

Through Spiritual Effort/Energy: The highest way to earning.

A “fool” only relies on his physical efforts to earn a living. The wise depend more on spiritual and mental energy to earn and less on physical efforts. 

On Success

Success is who you are. 

Success is defined as achievements of goals. Biblically, success is defined as the achievement of God’s given goals. God only sees you as successful when you achieve His purpose for your life.


Success is not about what you have, it’s about who you are. When you become more, you will have more. If you focus on being, the material equivalent of who you are will show up with time.

Success is first internal before external. When it comes to genuine success “being” should proceed “doing.” 

Until you change inside, you can’t change outside. True transformation starts from within.

Discovery 2017 Planning Committee with Godman Akilabi

On Thoughts

Take care of your thoughts. Your life will follow the direction of your most dominant thoughts. You need to constantly renew your minds for as he thinks in his heart so he is.

A poor man thinks in terms of expensive, a rich man thinks in terms of investment. The gap between the rich and the poor is “thought/thinking”

On the power of Words

A successful person talks like God.

Words are the formation of your destiny.

If you change what you are saying, you can change what you are seeing.

On Vision

When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, it will affect your sight! Vision alters your perception of reality.

What are you seeing today? What you see is what you will become. What you behold, is what you will become.

On Action.

Your knowledge must translate into action. Right thinking plus right speaking couple with right action make success  predictable.

As a child of God you should take steps as though it were impossible for you to fail.


Wow, you will agree with me that these are powerful thoughts! Or, what do you think?

Dr. Duyilemi Akindele Felix is a renowned  writer and InternationalInspirational Speaker. He is a popularly sought after Speaker in Corporate Organizations, Schools, Seminars and Churches and host of a daily Radio Program "Life Without Limits" on Impact 92.5Fm. He has written a number of inspirational books, including "It’s In You" "Pick Up Your Broken dreams" "Wake Up Your Destiny" and others. He spends his time reading, writing and speaking. Reach him via [email protected]




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