Funmi Omisope, An Agent of ChanGE

In life, there are three categories of people: those who look at what’s happening, those who wonder at what’s happening and those who make things happen! Funmi Omis0pe, the brain behind Home and Street Kids Welfare Initiative, belong to the last category. Her vision is:

” To make life worth living for every child that has lost hope of ever becoming successful in life and have resolved to a life of begging on the streets.” This she has passionately pursued for about a decade now. We have excited to have her as our GUEST OF THE MONTH. In this interview, Funmi shared about vision, passion, motivation and her first book “THE CHANGE AGENT.” Enjoy!



“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

                       Mother Teresa

 Can we meet you?

My name is Funmi Omisope, the Executive Director of Home and Street kids Welfare Initiative (HSKi) I have my first degree in Guidance and counselling from University of Ibadan , Advance Leadership Certificate Course at Daystar Leadership Academy and currently running a Social Sector Management Program at Enterprise Development Center (Lagos Business School).I’m number 5 of 6 children, from Ile-Ife in Osun State, Nigeria.
 Your Organization Home and Street kids Welfare Initiative (HSKi), what is the idea behind it?
I started HSKi back then in my year one in the University as Kings n Queens Circle. The vision was born out of the passion to give a better future to the streets kids after realizing that the parents of the kids were used to beg by their own parents, I decided to break this evil chain by getting the kids enrolled in school and their parents gainfully employed or into business.
Which brought about our mission statement which says to turn craving hands to creative minds through guidance and counselling, skill acquisition program, education and policy advocacy.
And ultimately, God told me to do it.
 How has it been so far?

It’s being a great experience for me working with these kids for close to 12 years now. Our organization currently  have a school with 25 used to be street kids and  24 more who had gone through our program. We currently have  a girl in secondary school with two others writing the forth coming Common entrance examination.Most of our parents are now security guards and also into farming.
For the challenges, I will say permanent site. We have changed location three times within our close to three years staying kwara State. This is not too good for a growing organization.
Also, getting scholarships for the kids. It is our target to enrol minimum of 50 street kids in school every academic year.
 Many people have great ideas like yours, but they couldn’t start due to fear and other considerations, how did you overcome yours?
I was able to overcome my fears because I was privileged to locate my mentor on time. His dream is bigger than mine and through his counsel and demonstration of grace in his assignment, I realized me too can achieve what God called me to do. Taking care of the Street kids and their parents.


What did you consider your greatest motivation?


My greatest motivation is the fact that I’m too sure God created me for this. I am His representative in solving this particular problem. And then the Holy Spirit.He keeps me in check every now and then. 
 You have just completed a wonderful book, The Change Agent. Tell us about it?

The Change Agent is my very first book. I like to call it the product of my experience.A friend once asked me “Funmi, we all have passion for our vision and still get distracted along the way. What is it that is keeping you going on your track for over a decade and you’re still waxing strong. Please don’t tell me it’s passion for we all have it but still miss it”.This and many of such comments brought about me writing this book. It’s not just about my vision but the secrets I’ve learnt over the years that is keeping me going. 
What is the central idea of this book, and why will you encourage everybody to have a copy?

The central idea of this book is the knowledge of the different phases our vision will take before getting it to its destination. I realized that when the destination is in view, our passion for the journey rises and giving up will no more be an option.

I will like to encourage every one with a vision, either already running with it or about to start to get a copy of the book. The book will not only inspire you but will give you a step by step guide in taking your vision from just an idea to its glorious destination. 

Who are your target audience?


My target audience is every human who will like to give expression to the greatness in them. We are all created to solve a problem, and until we find ourselves so doing, fulfilment remains a fantasy. 

 What will you advise people who have vision/ideas,but are too afraid to do something about it?

I will like to tell them what my mentor told me the first day we met “Until you learn how to walk out of your comfort zone and pursue your vision, your vision will only be a wish”
And lastly I will like to say there is nothing call comfort zone, it’s real name is limiting zone. Give expression to the greatness in you, you’re limitless. 
 Your final words.

It is my passionate belief that ‘Nigeria is not a Nation full of Problems but a Nation full of Projects’ and each project has a name tag on it. Until we locate the project we are created to execute fulfillment is not in view.

Thanks For Your Time

The pleasure is mine..

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PS: You can reach Funmi Omisope through [email protected]. Please, leave a comment before you leave. Thanks.


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