Mar 14, 2017
5 Elements of Super Presentation.

Have you ever listened to a speaker and you just fall in love with him because of the way he approached and delivered his speech? What differentiates a great speech from a poor one? What are the elements that make a presentation stand out? What do great speakers do differently?

The truth is, a great speech doesn’t just happen just like a super meal doesn’t just happen. There is a recipe for making an exceptional speech. If you want to improve your public speaking skills or you just want to make a better presentation at your next board meeting, follow these 5 elements of Super presentation and you will receive a standing ovation at the end of your speech-every time!


This is the first element of a super presentation. It must be meaningful. In other words, it must be relevant to the needs of your audience.  You need to ask yourself: What I’m trying to accomplish with this presentation? What will the people learn from this presentation? How will it benefit them? Will their problems be solved through this presentation? Will they get a unique idea? Will they be moved to take action? These are important questions you need to ask before standing before an audience. Your presentation to be meaningful must be:






 Unconventionality simply means deviation. A deviation from the stereotypical style of making a speech. Nobody likes to listen to boring speaker! Do you? The way not to be boring is to put force, style, charisma and humour into the delivering of your speech. If your audience can predict you, they will walk out before you finish your speech. Don’t let that happen. For instance, if you are speaking about the terror of terrorism your audience has to see a look of terror on your face! If you are speaking about love, you need to show it. Have you ever seen a  speaker speaking about hell fire with hands in his pocket and a big smile on his face, what will you conclude about him?


Your points must be clear. That is why is important you know what you want to say from the beginning and organize your thoughts in a way that will convince your audience not confuse them. Your speech must follow precept by precept, line by line, one logical thought must connect with another logical thought. Don’t leave your audience wondering about what you are trying to say. You need to know what you are trying to accomplish with your presentation and organize your points to accomplish that purpose.


Everybody loves a story. The reason Jesus Christ was a Master Communicator was that He always illustrated his points with parables. His speeches were filled with “ a certain man,” “the kingdom of  God is like,”  “I will compare it to…Etc.” No wonder the Bibles says, “Common people listen to him gladly.” A good illustration is like a window to your speech, it lets in air!  However,  the illustration must support your speech, not distract attention from it. They must be carefully selected like David selected five smooth stones with which he approached Goliath.


If your speech lacks everything don’t let it lack passion. I will rather listen to an uneducated speaker full of passion than listening to a passionless well-educated fellow. Passion communicates:





Just like you can’t convince a buyer to buy a product you aren’t passionate about, you can’t move any audience with a speech you are not passionate about. When John Wesley was asked how he was able to gather a lot of people in his crusades, he responded, “I simply set myself on fire and people came from everywhere to watch me burn!” Don’t forget that!


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Dr. Duyilemi A. Felix loves reading, analyzing, conceptualizing, writing and teaching. He’s a widely sought after inspirational teacher in many corporate organizations and churches. Reach him through mail at   [email protected]

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