Why You Should Read Books-Everyday

Readers change the world. If you are not reading, you can’t lead Effectively. In this post, you will see reasons why should read books-Every day!




               ” If you want to lead, read.”

                                        Duyilemi A. Felix


If you want men to book for you, read books. I haven’t seen any truly successful man in any field of endeavors, who is not a reader. Books are the ladder to leadership.


Until you become studious, you can’t stand out. The only distance between a man and a great future is right information hidden in books. When I see a man’s appetite for knowledge, I can predict his future.


My good wife Atolani Duyilemi once said, “If you are open to learning, you are open to blessings”


“Reading makes a full man.

It is a yardstick for comparison.

A leveler for understanding,

A square for sizing up,

A plumb rule for concentration.

It provokes thought,

Inspires meditation,”  Said  Prevette.


Reading engenders reflection, causes deliberation, and gives you greater power to concentrate on the job. Napoleon once said: “Show me a family of readers, and I will show you, a family that rules the world.”


Reading increases your understanding, gives you an insight into the thinking of others.

It helps you to form a pattern of thought and will help you to influence and motivate others to think and act. It  opens up new vistas, ripens judgment, stabilizes thought, and teaches you to be tolerant and considerate of others. It helps you to grow and expand.


Through books You learn to compare with Shakespeare, reason with Plato, meditate with Emerson, visualize with Jefferson, observe with Burroughs, weigh with Bacon, think with Socrates, judge with Lincoln, dramatize with Churchill and love with Jesus.

Many simply know the importance of reading, but the problem is time! Recently, on a national Television, I was asked, “Dr. Duyilemi Felix, how do we find time to read in the face of the myriad responsibilities that choke our time daily?”

My response was, “Do you eat? How do you find time to eat despite those responsibilities?” The truth is, we always find time to do those things we consider to be important to us. Don’t we?

However, I admit without strategies in place, we may go for years without reading a good book. In this article I will show you 5 strategies to enhance your reading culture.


1.Buy a New Book Every Month.

Not just to fill up your library, but to fill up your mind. I have personally realized that each time I am “slow” on reading; I know I need to buy something new. Sometimes we get used to old books we have that we lost excitement about reading them again. The culture of buying a new book will enable us to maintain our love for reading.

2.Cultivate the Friendship of Readers.

It was Chalie “Tremendous” who once said, “Two things will determine what you become in the next five years, one the books you read, and two, the friends you keep.” Attitudes are contagious. If we have friends who read, by the law of association, we tend to read and vice versa. If your friends don’t like reading, I advise you to join a reading club or association in your community.

3.Take A Book With You Every Where You Go.

Sometimes, we waste a lot of fruitful time in transit. This time can be best put into a productive use. There is no excuse for not reading if we put our minds to it. If you think you don’t have time to read, consider these men in history:

·James Watt taught himself Chemistry and Mechanics, while working at his trade mathematical-instrument maker.

·Dr. Mason translated Lucretius, while riding in his carriage in the streets of London, doing the round of patients.

·Dr. Burnley learnt French and Italian, while traveling on horseback, from one music pupil to another.

·Kirk White learnt Greek, while walking to and from a Lawyer’s office.

4.Use Toilet Time.

It’s been said that an average person spends about 525, 600 minutes in the toilet in his lifetime. That is a whole lot of time. That time can be converted into a profitable time. Toilet time can be turned to an investment time! Read my ARTICLE  HOW TO TURN YOUR TOILET TIME INTO A PROFITABLE TIME

5.Read at Least 30 minutes A day

If you read just for 30 minutes a day you will be surprised at the of the month the volume of information you would have consumed.


30 minutes are not too difficult to squeeze out of your time in a day. Make this time sacrosanct, do it until it becomes your second nature.

Experts in the field of personal development believe that whatever we do consistently for 21 days becomes a habit. Turn off the Television after work and spend 30 minutes with a good book before you go to bed.


I trust you have seen why you should read books and steps to take to read more books even  within your schedules.


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