Nov 18, 2016
Change your life, take action

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                    You can’t hire a personto do your push ups for you

                                                      Jim Rohn

Don’t watch your life go by before you. You have waited for situations to get better, for thegovernment to create more jobs, for your friends to help you and on themultitude of other factors-wait no more. Become a creator, not a reactor. Be athermostat not a thermometer, while the thermometer merely reads thetemperature of the surroundings, thermostat regulates it. You are created inthe image of God with an inbuilt capacity to make things happen.

Wake up. Step out tostand out. You are the one that will succeed no one will do that for you. Infact, until you are ready, God won’t do anything for you.

The Bible tells thestory of four lepers who took charge of their lives. They have waited , expectingthings to happen- all in vain. Their conditions were worse. They had neitherfood nor companion. But they had only one thing to their advantage, theirminds-they were capable to think. Nobody has lost it all who has not lost his mind.A change usually begins with a thought. They reason among themselves “why sitdown here until we die?” Why waiting until someone comes along to help us? Whysurrender our lives to fate? Why not give it a trial?

These lepers acted.They took charge of their destiny. They made it. They didn’t die.

Hereare 5 action steps you can take to immediately change your life (gleaned fromthe story of the four lepers above)


     1.   Think.

 A change begins with a thought.  A man is not finished who can think. Just asingle idea can turn your life around. A single idea can turn a marriagearound. A single idea can turn a church around. A single idea can turn a company around. Sometimes the tiny link betweenpoverty and prosperity is just a thought, an idea,  a concept or an inspiration waiting to be wokenup from the deep recess of the mind. However, thinking is the hardest job forsome. When confronted with dire situations, many will rather worry, cry,complain, whine or murmur rather than find a quiet place to think.  We should not forget there is always a wayout in any situation if we will explore our mind. There are always optionswhich might not be obvious until we think.

2.  Make a decision. 

They decided on what to do. Many thinkfor eternity without arriving at anything. Thinking should lead to a decision.They decided to act. They decided to change location. They made up their mindto try different thing. Anthony Robbins said; “I believe that it’s in yourmoments of decision that your destiny is shaped”. Intention without decision is a delusion.

  3.  Act on Your Decision.  

They acted on it. They rose up. They followedup on their decision. I read a lateral puzzle sometimes ago, it says-five frogswere seating on a fence, four decided to jump, how many frogs were left on thefence? Of course the answer is five! Four decided to jump, but did they jump?Intention without expression leads to regrets. For instance, if I have only decided to write this book without actually sitting down to write it, you won’t be reading it now.  A lot of people are carrying about great ideas that they do nothing about. Many people are still waiting until the conditions will improve, until they have more money, until they retire from service until…until…until…they die!

  4. Start Now

They struck while the iron was hot. Theydidn’t go about consulting people if they should act or not. Ideas lose their intensity if they are not acted upon on time. They didn’t begin to debate,analyze or justify their fears. They put all considerations, fears, roadblock aside. They acted on their decision early. Nobody could guess what would have happened if they have waited until afternoon. They properly would have died in their situations. A true decision is one that you act upon, and the one thatyou act upon now.

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     5. You won’t Die!

God showed up when they took steps offaith. Miracles happen when you are on motion. The lepers took risk, and they succeeded. If they had stayed in their condition they properly would have died.In risking death they found life.

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