Oct 3, 2016
UnDersTanding DesTiny
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          ‘There are two greatest days in a man’s life, the day he was born and the day he discovers  why. Anonymous

I heard a story of a man who was 73years when asked by a reporter how old he was, to which the man replied, “I’m three years old’ the reporter  protested ‘ that can’t be true’ the elderly man replied Chronologically, I am 73years old, but it was 3years ago I discovered the reason I was born. That is the reason I said, ‘I am 3-year-old. I have wasted 70years!’


od puts you here for a reason. You are destined for a destiny. You are assigned to an assignment. God has a purpose in mind while creating you. You are not a purposeless entity!  There is a REASON for you. There is a reason you look the way you look. There is a reason you talk the way you talk. There is a reason you act the way you act.


You are customized and wired with peculiarity to fit in into God’s given destiny. You are not a mishap. You are not an accidental occurrence! God planned your life in advance. He selected your colour, your race, your background, your experiences to align you with your destiny.  You are programmed for a purpose!

·A fish is designed to swim.

·A bird is designed to fly.

·A clock is designed to measure time.

·You are designed for a destiny.


                                                    What is destiny?

Destiny can be defined as God’s intended meaning for a specific life. The purpose for a product is the product’s destiny. Put specifically, your destiny is your life assignment. It’s the reason you were born. It’s what you were born to do. Put generally, it’s the lives you were born to touch. The books you were born to write. The songs you were born to sing. The products you were born to invent. The discoveries you were born to make. The problems you were born to solve. The sayings you were born to make. The paradigms you were born to shift.

That is why, you are uniquely unique.  You are differently different. In the word of the Old Testament Author, King David “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” You have no duplicate. You are similarly different from everybody alive. Your kind has never been. They will never be. When God finished creating you He threw the mold away. That is why nobody has your exact finger prints.

God gives you talents, potentials, gifts, passions as tools to accomplish your destiny on earth.  


                                       Four Levels of Destiny’s Awareness

There are four categories of men living on the surface of the earth. No matter where you go, you will find this category of men, whether in London, Japan, India, Canada or Nigeria where I live. These kinds of men will be found within the four levels of destiny awareness I classify below:

Unconscious Unawareness Level: This is the level when a person is unconsciously unaware of his life purpose. This person goes through life satisfied with having a roof on his or her head, a car to drive and food on his table. He or she lives on the level one of Maslow’s hierarchy of human’s needs. To them, life is not more than food and the body is not more than clothing. They are satisfied with low and unexcited life. This level of people never asks the most important question in life, ‘why am I here? What is God’s purpose for my life?


Conscious Unawareness Level: This is the stage a person realizes that there is more to his or her life than he or she is currently living it. This group knows that something somewhere is missing in their lives. The fat salary, the beautiful cars and the magnificent houses seem not to bring satisfaction to the vacuum destiny has created in their hearts. But they can’t lay hand on what it is. This person may change jobs severally hoping to find the treasure.


Unconscious Awareness Level: At this stage this person is aware of his or her destiny, but he  pushes it back to his or her unconscious mind. He rationalizes it with the statements of “I am too young” “I am too old” “It involves a lot of work” etc. This set of people is in the category of people deliberately running away from their destiny.


Conscious Awareness: These people have found out what it is. They have answered the Big question, “Why me?” They consciously surround themselves with the environment that daily reminds them of their destiny in life and set out in that direction.

These people have found their Eden, a place of rest. When you find your DESTINY, YOU HAVE FOUND ‘THAT THING.’

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Dr. Duyilemi Akindele Felix is a renowned  writer and International Inspirational Speaker. He is a popularly sought after Speaker in Corporate Organizations, Schools, Seminars and Churches. He has written a number of inspirational books including "It’s In You" "Pick Up Your Broken dreams" "Wake Up Your Destiny" and others. He spends his time reading, writing and speaking. Reach him via [email protected]

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