"DISCOVERY 2016 with Leke ALDER" Pst Enoch Speaks.

Pst Enoch and his beloved wife

Great people are great not because they have big muscles but because they have big visions. They are purpose-driven, vision-passionate and big dreamers. One of such amazing personality is Pastor Enoch Durotoye , the presiding Pastor of Wisdom Christian Centre.

He is the convener of the executive conference tagged "Discovery Conference" an executive gathering of people from all walks of life.  In this interview, the quintessential minister of the Gospel, speaks on what to expect at this year DISCOVERY CONFERENCE. Enjoy!

Can we meet you?

My name is Enoch Durotoye, I pastor Wisdom Christian centre in the city of Ibadan,  Nigeria


What will you say birth the vision of the Discovery conference?

Our lives is like a book with  Opening and Closing pages which connotes when a man is born and when he dies, however in between these 2 pages are several other pages.

The content of these pages have to be discovered for a man to say I AM FULFILLED. Jesus said ‘I come in the volume of the book it is written of…’ So for him he discovered the content of the pages written concerning him. It was this inspiration that gave birth to DISCOVERY program. So DISCOVERY conference is a time when God focuses on a PAGE of our lives per time

Last year was such an awesome time with Fela Durotoye, share the experience with us.

The page that was focused on last year was the page of UNCOMMON WISDOM. He used Friday to address Leaders, Pastors, Entrepreneurs, Business Men/Women, lecturers, Doctors etc where he talked about INCREASING YOUR CAPACITY. The next day he took time to x-ray where Nigeria currently stands and how we can move from where we are to where we ought to be. Then he took time to talking about how we can excel in the corporate world. It was a great time indeed.

I learnt Leke Alder of the Leke Alder Consulting will be coming, how true is that?

Yes, Leke Alder will be taking three sessions as the Keynote speaker for the year. You don’t want to be told! Be there.

The Theme of this year’s conference is Vision, why?

This need for Vision is enormous and obvious ranging from National to Church to Family and to Personal Level.

Its not Lack rather LACK of vision that separates a Nation from Nations. Vision maximizes and channels scarce resources for the good of all. You cannot take people to where you haven’t been. In our current society of ‘copy-copy’ it takes vision to be original. When is everyone is confused in a nation, there should be atleast one person who isn’t confused, that is the person who has seen what other can’t see. Visioners are like mad men then speak what others cannot see. Without a visionary leader, a rich country can borrow from poor countries who have visionary leaders. As a teacher, do you teach  solely because of the vision to see transformed students or for other reasons. A wife who doesn’t know the vision of being a wife will compete with her husband for the rest of her life. A man who doesn’t have vision will blame his wife for everything that happens to him.

What should participants be expecting at this year’s conference?

1.Their spirits will be empowered with Vision. 2.  Their minds strengthened with new ideas and finally opportunity to interact with Leke Alder and others in the program.


Talk Briefly about Discovery 2016

This year, the page of focus is VISION

Fela Durotoye at the  Discovery 2015.


Give us a brief outline of the program

Leke Alder will be speaking Friday on Built To Last. Why don’t we have indigenous organizations, churches, companies that have centuries in this countries? You want to know why? Be there that Friday evening as Leke Alder speaks to Leaders, Pastors, Entrepreneurs, Business Men/Women, Lecturers, Doctors, Managers, Head of Organisation, MDs, CEO. The next day he will be handling Vision and then move to  CITIZENS ROLE IN NATION BUILDING


Your final words


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