May 3, 2016
Imagination is Power! Kerry Kirkwood


Kerry Kirkwood, along with his wife Diane, are the founding pastors of the Trinity Fellowship Church in Tyler. Texas which started in July of 1987.  Pastor Kerry carries a strong prophetic anointing and speaks into the lives of individuals, churches, and regions.  He is also a dynamic teacher and looked to by many as a pastor to pastors.

Pastor Kerry has authored three books, The Power of Blessing, The Power of Imagination, and the Secret Power of Covenant.  He has appeared numerous times on the Sid Roth show, Naturally Supernatural, and on radio.  As a man after God’s heart, he recognizes the absolute necessity of heartfelt and prophetic worship in the corporate setting and the life of the individual.

We are happy to have him as our Guest of the Month, in this interview, the International Best-selling Author of the Power of Blessing, shared with us on the Power of Imagination. Enjoy!


Can I meet you, Sir?

I am a Minister, Worshipper, Husband, Father and Grandfather.

What is imagination, Sir?

Imagination is not just a mental wondering it is using what God created you with. You were created with God’s Imagination. The ability to see things the way God views them. It’s important to understand that everything God created began on the inside. Everything God does from Genesis on starts with a seed. When God told us to be fruitful and multiply, He was actually telling us to be full of seed—Imagination.

How can one develop godly imagination?

You develop a Godly imagination by first spending time in the Word of God. Asking the Holy Spirit to show you like He did with Abraham as he looked up to count the stars. Eph.1:17 says that the eyes of our heart can be enlightened to see the hope of our calling. The word enlightened is translated as photo. So Paul is praying that your heart/spirit can take a picture inside yourself to see what is your expectation and hope.


How can the power of imagination help one to fulfill one’s destiny?

Many people are just one picture away from fulfilling a long-time-in-coming dream. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we should stop talking about it and start looking to see what it will look like and move toward the blueprint. Start with what you know and the detail will follow. Some things are difficult to see because of their magnitude and the distractions that tell us is impossible. When we see from the inside out, and don’t measure the probability from the circumstances screaming at us from the outside, we are better able to succeed.

Why did you write the book “Power of Imagination?”

I wrote this book the to counter the new age thinking that imagination belonged to them. When it was God who created us with His imagination. The book was also intended to help us when we pray to get beyond natural circumstances and see by the Holy Spirit.


In your opinion, sir, why do you think many people don’t engage in Imagination?

Most people are taught that imagination is of the devil or not to trust their imagination. Truly, it can be used in an evil way. When the Word of God is at the center of our thoughts then we don’t have to be afraid of something God gave us to use to extend our faith.

Your last words, Sir.

Many visions die on the drawing board because there is a lack of faith to take it to the next level of reality. When a creative imagination is born inside us, it is up to us to give it substance by moving it from an internal thought to sharing it with others who can bring their expertise to the project.

If only we knew how much the Lord was cheering us on toward completion, it would motivate us to recognize that our good ideas are God’s inspired waiting to be born. Aborted seed is unrealized potential. Someone might not see this due to past failures. Well, this is a new day and old failures have passed away. If you are born again,you are a new species, a new model created for winning! What you hold, is what you behold and what you behold is what you become. The choice is yours.

Thank you Sir for your time.

You are welcome.


Author’s note: I have read Pastor Kerry’s latest book, ‘The Power of Imagination ‘ and I can’t recommend it enough. Please lay your hands on it. Pastor Kerry can be reached via [email protected] or see his website

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